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28 Sep 2014

Addicted/Not sponsored

FYI: I like this outfit so much I will probably repeat it this week. No, scrap that. I will definitely be repeating.

A few weeks ago someone left a comment on my blog asking if I was sponsored by ASOS. At that point I realized that I should probably calm down in my ordering frequency and stop buying so much from one place.

So I consciously resisted in the hope of adding a bit more variety in what I wear. What I have concluded in that time is that I can only ignore the “New In” section for so long and so here we are, with another haul of goodies.
23 Sep 2014

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting lipsticks continued...

Right. Let’s cut to the chase.

I went to an Estee Lauder event last week for the official Middle East launch of Pure Color Envy. I received 4 more lipsticks from the range and after a bit of experimentation I can confirm that the formulation is as good as Rebellious Rose led me to believe.
18 Sep 2014


You know what I thought the other day: "I could sit this season out". The shops are full of jumpers, coats and other winter paraphernalia - basically everything that feels totally unnecessary in these climes.

So it makes complete sense that no sooner had I uttered those words, I promptly trotted into Zara and bought "essentials" like a grey leather jacket (to be worn sometime in December) and some nice thick stretchy trousers.

I think this proves one thing: I cannot resist Zara new season. That store could be packed full of puffa jackets and I would still find a way to justify a purchase.
15 Sep 2014

Blog slacker

Many apologies. It’s been quite a while. I haven’t abandoned you – I have just been really busy at work and had to focus on that for a week or so.

But here I am, bringing you one of my same-same-but-different faces of the day that has defined how I have been wearing my makeup for the 10 days.
1 Sep 2014

Agency casual

Let’s call this outfit of the day, “agency casual”. I have been working in the digital design field for about 10 years and if I had to choose an office uniform to define how I have dressed over that time, this would be it.

The accessories get updated every now and then but the core of it – the client-facing blazer with a nice top and jeans – always remains the same.