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18 Sep 2014


You know what I thought the other day: "I could sit this season out". The shops are full of jumpers, coats and other winter paraphernalia - basically everything that feels totally unnecessary in these climes.

So it makes complete sense that no sooner had I uttered those words, I promptly trotted into Zara and bought "essentials" like a grey leather jacket (to be worn sometime in December) and some nice thick stretchy trousers.

I think this proves one thing: I cannot resist Zara new season. That store could be packed full of puffa jackets and I would still find a way to justify a purchase.

Now the trousers and top - standard fayre - but after wearing both I have a couple of conclusions:

1) Skip the top - it's a stage 5 creaser. Sit down/creased. Move/creased. Lay immobile/creased.
2) The trousers are a must. They are navy and although a skinny fit, the fabric has a happy slimming side effect.

But the best bit has to be the shoes. I wore them yesterday and I wore them today. The heel is mid-sized so you get a lift while still remaining able to walk and the lace detail is a major pain the arse to deal with when you put them on but very much worth the struggle. I have seen these on quite a few bloggers recently so I am not the first but I wholeheartedly recommend them. The dusky green/grey faux suede is also destined to work with anything in the wardrobe.

Top: Zara - Link!
Trousers: Zara - Link!
Shoes: Zara  (can't find these on the UK Zara site but they might be in store!)
Bag: Sophie Hulme

I wore this to a lovely evening at La Serre with Estee Lauder. The dinner was all about truffle pasta and lipsticks - what a combination! I have four new beauties to share with you and I think I will do a swatch post next. I can tell you one thing though, that lipstick on the left? Yep, that nude? You need it.....

See you tomorrow!


  1. This outfit is the bees knees:) Love it

  2. Love the pink! Did you cave & buy the 'Anna'?!!! Shoes not in store in Ireland .

  3. Love the whole outfit! I may need those shoes. Shame the top creases though!

    Honey Go-Lightly

  4. Those lipsticks look beautiful and yes, especially the nude one! Your whole outfit is beautiful Laura. I hope the Zara stores in Abu Dhabi have those shoes!

  5. You're such a stunner Laura! Going to need to check out that nude lipstick.


  6. Awesome lipstick colors. I still haven´t found the perfect berry shade for fall.

  7. I daren't enter Zara at the moment to save my precious current account some grief. Come payday I'll be bee-lining it there though. Gorge shoes!


  8. Very cute outfit! Love the clutch and shoes!

    Cat from Outside Beauty Inside Health

  9. Sad to hear about the top- it's beautiful!
    The Accidental Mama

  10. I especially love that bag!

    -Amanda from http://www.positivelyamanda.com

  11. Love this outfit! The shoes are killer! The shirt looks great (even though it creases).

  12. Love those trousers. I've never bought anything from Zara because I don't have one near me and I'm unsure of their sizing, but I'm thinking I'll have to risk it.
    <a herf="www.fashionandhappythings.com> Fashion and Happy Things </a>

  13. Fabulous heels but I've never seen them in the Zara UK stores or on the web, will have to keep my eyes peeled!
    Hugs xoxo

  14. Love the outfit, and I must have the shoes immediately, but I have yet to see them in the UK. Hopefully they're coming soon! Looking forward to hearing/seeing more about the lipsticks. I have Impassioned from that range and I'm in love with the formula. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  15. Gorgeous shoes and thanks for the heads up with the top! :-) x

  16. I love that pant, come pay day I'll add it to my wardrobe!


  17. I've just posted on my Blog. Today's post is very personal. Please head over to http://lavieest-belle-blog.blogspot.co.uk/ to check it out xxx

  18. Love the lipsticks! All four are so pretty!

    Life of Emily

  19. I love this blouse, it's so sophisticated! The whole look is gorgeous.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  20. Gorgeous outfit! And i love the colors of the lipsticks ♥
    x Rita

  21. You look great! I wish I could pull off (or, er, rather pull ON) those trousers.

  22. That bag is beautiful! I love wearing a monochrome outfit and then adding in a statement bag or clutch - updates an outfit instantly!

    CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog

  23. Wow you look stunning! Going to hunt down those shoes, shame about the top. It's a beaut!

  24. Gotcha, roger that. I need the nude for sure. hunting them now as I type.
    one day when I drag the husband to dubai and maybe meet you, he'll probably send you a bill of all the enabling hahahahahahaha
    the shoes are amazeballs but i can't imagine myself putting it on while a toddler waits. hahaha

  25. Those trousers look lovely, I'm on the hunt for some like that in black!


  26. I keep meaning to layer, now that Autumn has arrived in the UK but I found myself wearing chunky knit cardigans over light summer tops... I'll figure it out one day! I'm not sure what I'll do when Winter arrives... two chunky knit cardigans?! I should probably check out Zara's new collection! x

  27. Does anybody know the style name of the shoe? I'm obsessed, i need them in my life :)

  28. Love that bag! Amazing colour and such a great detail on the front too.
    Ting x


  29. You are ALWAYS immaculately dressed it's almost unnatural! Love your style of writing too :) x


  30. I love the shoes so much robesdemariee2013.com