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30 Oct 2014


I had a makeover at Smashbox recently…here’s a picture to prove the fact: isn’t department store lighting the worst?
28 Oct 2014

Enter cricket pun here!

The mission was as follows: go to Waitrose via H&M and see if anything good was in stock. I did a quick rotation round the store and just before I gave up spied this jumper slumped in a corner, waiting to be merchandised.

Chunky knit. Low v-neck front to reduce frump factor. Total Rag & Bone rip off. Reminds me of home (Sussex!) with the whole cricket theme.
26 Oct 2014

Pink eyes

It happened – I shopped the stash again and found a lurid deep pink shadow that gives me pink eyes. I know it doesn’t sound good but long time readers will recognize this limited edition Shu Uemura ME shadow and apparently my love for it has not diminished over time.
23 Oct 2014

NARS Haulin'

Hurray! NARS is back! After many years of impatient waiting the brand has finally decided to give the UAE a second chance and a fully stocked stand now sits proudly in Sephora Mall of the Emirates.

Obviously such news triggered purposeful marching into store to finger the rubbery-packaged goodness and wouldn’t you know a little purchase was made as a result! I think I got a little over-excited….
20 Oct 2014

Life Lately #3

Let’s life lately shall we?

I totally forgot about these posts so I have cobbled some images together and want to share some events and musings with you.
16 Oct 2014

Man Repellers

I made a beeline for this blouse in Zara because it’s one of those “handy” pieces that works both in and out of work and could feasibly be paired with both trousers and skirts. I also think a major part of the reason I bought it is because they merchandised it with boyfriend jeans and I loved that contrast between a silky top and ripped denim. Sold!

I wore it today with my favourite River Island boyfriend jeans. These are the kind of jeans that men seem to hate. They don’t make your arse look good and the crotch can hang low because they sit wide at the waist. Sorry I’m not sorry though because these man repellers are a delight to wear.
15 Oct 2014

Semi-permanent brows at Sister's Beauty Lounge/Dubai Mall

I have tried it all. Expensive treatments with Shavata (first at Michaeljohn and then at Harrods), the humiliation of the department store brow bar, where passers by would often stop to see the tears rolls down my cheeks during threading sessions, serums and an occasional dabble in HD brows.

There was only one treatment left to explore - the semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo. This is the application of individual strokes and colour that can last anywhere between 1-5 years and make the perfect low maintenance option. I had this done last week and can I just say that I clearly saved the best for last.
12 Oct 2014

Awkward pleats

Another day, another midi. In this case however I wouldn’t advise rushing out to buy the skirt. It’s “aight” – a nice light scuba material that somehow manages not to be transparent. However, the front pleat at the front is rather fortunate, occasionally looking like it emanates near vagina level. I swear it looked different on the ASOS model. These, my friends, are the risks we take.
11 Oct 2014

The Reiss Midi Skirt

I can't lie to you. This skirt is expensive. Like $255 expensive. I have somehow managed to justify my ownership by using a cost per wear calculation. Yes, that old chestnut - possibly the mantra of enslaved shopholics - had to be wheeled out.

I have worn it 6 times so it's already "just" $42.5 per wear. Positively bargainous! #girlymaths
10 Oct 2014


"A repeat outfit is really just a well-earned encore"  Wise words from the house of J.Crew.

I am a big outfit repeater. I think this partly lack of imagination - when I feel comfortable in something I don't have the energy to deviate from it. I normally update the accessories and hope that nobody notices.  One such outfit is pictured after the jump...
5 Oct 2014


So this is what I did today. I woke up, checked social media, ate porridge, played with Roger and Rose, got ready, tidied the house, discussed the fact that I would quite like to lose about 3-4 kg with myself and then went to eat a deep fried chicken burger.
4 Oct 2014

A tale of two hauls

I have been shopping, dipping in and out of Sephora and Bloomingdale’s, to pick up beauty “essentials” like err, cream eyeshadows?

Embarrassed face

There is a nice mix of the good, bad and the sublime in this little stash so I thought it would be nice to share my latest acquisitions with the group.
1 Oct 2014


Back in the lob territory and I couldn’t be happier about it.