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30 Oct 2014


I had a makeover at Smashbox recently…here’s a picture to prove the fact: isn’t department store lighting the worst?

….anyway, of all the products that were used on me it was the new (to the Middle East) Be Legendary Long Wear Lip Lacquer in Firecracker that ranked as my favourite.

Vibrant would be the word to sum this up. It’s one of those orange-reds that leaves your face looking perky. Line your lips beforehand – Smashbox Always Sharp liner in Ruby is a good choice – plop the lacquer on and provided you keep it there for about an hour or so, you will be left with a great stain.

Formula wise they call this a lip-hybrid due to the stain/gloss combo. Think Dior Fluid Stick but better because it’s more comfortable on the lips (non-drying) and also more consistent in it's pigmentation.

The only sticking point is that although the bright colour with the gloss finish is high impact, it’s also unstable. Those little wisps of hair that like to flip over my face leave little orange trails on my face. Gloss is high maintenance and I am not sure I will always want to make such a rigorous investment.

I am tempted to investigate the line further though – starting with the nude pinks and the vampy plums. When it comes to the former I find that brands seldom do good long-wear nudes (I don’t’ like YSL’s for example) and I like the look of Pout, Flushed and especially Keepsake, a cool mauve pink. 

PS. Smashbox is sold in the UAE in Debenhams and Sephora - I like the counter in Debehams Mall of the Emirates. 

Right, I'm off out now with Laura to go to an event at Dubai Mall. The event is being held in Level Shoe District - the biggest shoe shop in the world (!) and where Christian Louboutin nail polishes are stocked. Don't be surprised if one of those makes it back home with me tonight :) 


  1. Looks gorgeous on you!! And I'm with you on the gloss maintenance - I wear glasses and gloss smears across them is the worst haha

    You'll have to let us know your thought on the new CL polishes - if one does sneak it's way home with you ;) xo

  2. Love this post, you look stunning! xx


  3. I'm obsessed with these, my favourite being pout. I have to admit, that after a dabble with Revlon Moisture stains (not sure if you have tried these) I'm on the fence to which I prefer! Very similar texture, glossy stain, whilst retaining the moisture factor. The colour Shanghai Sizzle is V similar to Firecracker.

  4. Department store's bathroom mirrors are even worse!! ps. I think you look lovely in the first picture..;)


  5. You look fabulous! I always find the lighting in Zara's changing rooms to be pretty horrific - any Zara, anywhere! Every time I try anything on there I come out with a new workout regime in my head and the resolve to wear full on body makeup at all times. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  6. This lip lacquer sound amazing and looks amazing. This vibrant red colour really suits You :)

  7. I love that lip color on you! It's gorgeous.

    <a herf="www.fashionandhappythings.com> Fashion and Happy Things </a>

  8. Looks lovely you, but I tend to stay away from glosses due to the hair problem, especially if they are such a vibrant color.

  9. This looks lovely!! I agree, I hate the lighting in department stores, I always ask if I can run outside with a mirror when checking a colour match haha, or go back later. xx
    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  10. Your make up looks gorgeous, love the lip colour.
    Hugs xoxo

  11. so right about those little wisps of hair and the orange trails! that's almost why i am a matte lip kind of girl all the way, and this season is a great one for those into matte lips!:)

  12. you look gorgeous! I love that lip color!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  13. Wow I cannot believe hat I've found your blog! I used to watch your youtube videos when I was about 13? How time flies! You look beautiful :) xxx