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20 Oct 2014

Life Lately #3

Let’s life lately shall we?

I totally forgot about these posts so I have cobbled some images together and want to share some events and musings with you.

(L-R/Top to bottom)

  1. Diptyque – I went to a beautiful event at the Marriott Marquis for Diptyque recently. It was to herald the release of the 34collection which celebrates 50 years for the brand.  The scent itself is a comforting wood blend and I have my eye on the room diffuser. Since going to this event I am reminded how much I want to buy Philosykos perfume – it’s been on my list for such a long time!
  2. Gin! – I have found a new drinks/food destination! It’s called The Scene and it’s in Pier 7/Marina Mall. I mainly like this place because it reminds me of Bills  - casual and non-pretentious with good, simple food. I also very much appreciate the face that they have a Gin and Tonic menu – you’re winning when you’re ginning!
  3. Garden time – for half the year we live indoors, not daring to go outside much. From October onwards restaurants start reopening their terraces, walking in the sun no longer becomes a ridiculous idea and the garden furniture is fetched from the garage. Roger and Rose are absolutely delighted with the change of season and enjoy watching the world go by while barking hysterically at any bird that comes within 100 metres of them.
  4. Jo Malone Sea Salt & Sage – so very hyped on UK blogs but it has only just reached us over here. I was on my way to a makeover and saw it in the store and had to go in and rapidly spray it all over. It’s very “marine”, not what I expected but then I can’t exactly say I had a good idea of what Sea Salt and Sage really smell like together beforehand, did you?
  5. Makeovers! – I had such a lovely makeover with Will Malherbe, the Smashbox regional trainer. On my lips is the amazing Firecracker! Post coming soon J
  6. Gucci makeup – this has taken up some considerable floor space in Harvey Nichols and although I worship anything that Pat McGrath does, the concept doesn’t particularly excite me. There are some good looking eyeshadows and a pretty bronzer but nothing really lures me in. Maybe it’s because Gucci is a brand that stopped exciting me once Tom Ford ditched it….to be continued… (AKA I will probably buy something!).
  7. MAC Woodwinked – I have been reaching for my old school MAC palette recently. This gem has all the oldies – Tempting, Amber Lights, Carbon, Black Tied, Cranberry, Soba and the like…it also contains Woodwinked which is an outstanding golden bronze shade that makes eyes shine.
  8. Lunching – Simone and I trundled to the Pavilion in Downtown at the end of last week for a long lunch. I had a good looking chicken salad (and ahem…chips!) but it’s more the space that I like. It’s one of those places that you can rock up to with your laptop and hot desk the day away.
  9. DIY manicures – I haven’t been able to get a manicure for a few weeks (I know, Jesus wept) so I have had to DIY it and have enjoyed a spectacularly bad polish application phase as a result. Tom Ford’s “Viper” is probably the first one that hasn’t been a total bodge up.

    I will also add at this point that the Formula X system is not good – I hate the brush that comes with the cleanser (glorified rubbing alcohol) and the top coat takes far too long to dry for my liking. I’ll stick to my tried and tested base and top coats in the future!

I am off to an Illamasqua event tonight which I am super excited about and then I plan to hit the newly opened NARS stand in Mall of the Emirates at some point this week....as I always say (mainly to myself), you can never have too much makeup!

See you soon :) x


  1. Wish I could enjoy a long lunch with you and Simone! I expect there would be lots of laughing. I totally agree on the formula X, not impressed. How is the brush in the Tom Ford? I like a wide nail brush. XX

  2. Love the Tom Ford nail colour. Have fun at the event tonight!
    Hugs xoxo

  3. Your life sounds totally dreamy!

    Georgina x

  4. I always enjoy reading your blog Laura!
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

  5. I really love diptyque. and jo malone. and pretty much every other brand you mentioned. thanks so much for sharing!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  6. If Illamasqua events are anything like their packaging and advertisement,attending such an event is probably quite an experience. Have fun!

  7. You always look so classic, love these posts!Xx

  8. I'm definitely adopting, 'You're winning when you're ginning!' Thanks for that one! xxx

    Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive.

  9. you should post a bigger picture of your makeover, you look great!

  10. What is your tried and tested base/top coat?? ;) I really like the concept of this kind of post, a little bit of everything!

  11. I have Woodwinked and I've never used it .. ugh, must pull this out tonight. I've been so "into" palettes .. that I've ignored all my singles.

    monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  12. Looks like such fun! http://meowemily.blogspot.com

  13. I really want to try out Diptyque, bloggers keep making it sound like the best thing on planet earth! :O


  14. Frankly I am lusting over your life lately.... diptyque, woodwinked, viper, that smashbox lippie and, well, gin. Doesn't get much better than that! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  15. Hi Laura - am trying to decide (and failing) between Dior Star and Clarins Extra Comfort - I know you have tried both - what do you reckon??


  16. I am very excited to read about your Smashbox make-over. Your make-up looks amazing and I really like the shade of red you are wearing. Please give Roger and Rose a hug from me they are so cute.

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