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23 Oct 2014

NARS Haulin'

Hurray! NARS is back! After many years of impatient waiting the brand has finally decided to give the UAE a second chance and a fully stocked stand now sits proudly in Sephora Mall of the Emirates.

Obviously such news triggered purposeful marching into store to finger the rubbery-packaged goodness and wouldn’t you know a little purchase was made as a result! I think I got a little over-excited….

The Eyeshadows

There are still a few of these Dual Intensity shadows that I want – specifically Himalia, Desdemona and, following an Instagram recommendation, Subra – but for now I picked up Phoebe (right) and Giove.

Do you want the good news or the bad news? Well, the good news is that Giove is a deep navy-indigo shadow that looks good dry and great wet. I had spied this online before and umm’d and aaah’d about it but I needn’t have hesitated. It is spectacular.

Phoebe however, is a little insipid and a little disappointing. I point my finger at the Sephora lights. Those bright bulbs gave a warmer undertone to the shadow in store but when swiped dry across my lid all I got was a weak lavender. I wore it yesterday (with Giove as liner and a bit of MAC Corduroy on the outer corner) but it didn’t make me happy. 

All is not lost though, I tried this wet today, swatching it on my hand and I think this is the format that brings out the true tone. I live in hope!

The lip products

I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at the Audacious lipsticks but in the end the shade I wanted (a nude – duh!) was out of stock. I plumped for Natalie because this, along with a few others, was the only one that seemed to stand out.  It’s a bright Flamingo but very wearable thanks to the creamy, rich finish of the line. 

There is no doubt that the texture of the Audacious is a good one but there is also no question that the price has been DRAMATICALLY inflated for this market. We pay 160AED per lipstick – that’s $43 a-piece whereas in the US they are closer to $32. Sorry, but at that price I’d rather go to Tom Ford.

Obviously my grudge against price didn’t extend so far as to prohibit any more lip product purchases. I got the Super Orgasm lip-gloss and it’s a stunner. I like wearing this on it’s own and over nude lipsticks because it adds a little punch and warmth to the colour.

The foundation

The last purchase made was Sheer Glow (shade Punjab). I first tried this when it came out nearly 4 years ago and I loved it then. It was always a good dependable choice. Okay, so the name is incredibly misleading (it’s neither sheer nor glowy) but this was a good medium-coverage foundation that offered decent longevity and most importantly, made me feel good about my skin.

After road testing it yesterday I will say this: it’s okay.


Would I tell you now that you NEED to buy this? Absolutely not. Either my tastes have changed or foundation technology has evolved since it’s initial release and what seemed like a great product once upon a time no longer feels at all innovative or interesting.

It still looks okay. It’s still easy to blend. It still lasts a decent amount of time but if you asked me to choose between this, Clarins Extra Comfort, Laura Mercier Silk Crème, Chantecaille Just Skin or my current foundation crush of Dior Star mixed with MUFE HD I would say no-friggin-way.

I’d be interested to hear what you think about Sheer Glow? I know it still has many fans but I also know that it probably as just as many rejectors! Let me know!


  1. Love the shade of the lipstick, can't believe about the price though! I agree, I would much rather have a tom ford for that price.. B x


  2. I'm excited that Nars is back in the UAE. It's nice to know that now i don't have to stock up and hoard everytime i go back to the UK! I haven't checked if Abu Dhabi Sephoras have the brand but i'm guessing they must do so a little weekend shop is in order!

  3. your makeup looks lovely! i really want to try sheer glow, heard so many amazing things about it :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  4. I'm a Sheer Glow fan. I ADORE Nars bases because they are one of the only brands that do my undertone perfectly. Also, Sheer glow is fragrance free, has decent coverage and still looks natural. I actually just repurchased a bottle. Will it put out the garbage? Hell no. But for certain occasions it's an eesential part of my line-up.
    My current go-to is Nars Tinted Moisturiser in Stromboli with Luminous Powder Foundation in Stromboli as a setting powder and for some extra coverage. I like this even better than Sheer Glow :).

  5. I need that lipgloss in my life, it looks amazing! xx

  6. Shame your not overly impressed with the first colour. They look really lovely! But I'm glad you've found a way to wear it. The lipsticks look so lovely, I've heard so much about all these products!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
    enter my Christmas giveaway!

  7. Its a shame you aren't so keen on the Phoebe shade. it is always disappointing when something looks amazing in the pot but doesn't come out as good. I have had many products like this. The lip gloss looks amazing though!! :)

    Rachel xx

  8. I love those lip shades, so beautiful x


  9. That lipgloss is amazing! I must keep an eye out for it. Also I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog posts :) x


  10. Oh such fabulous goodies! Love the eyes! I never got on with Nars Sheer Glow no matter how much I tried. It just went super chalky on me to the point where my bf said my skin look grainy! Yikes! xoxox Shaz

  11. NARS is one of only a handful of brands that make a foundation shade that doesn't require me to mix with a white to get something light enough for my super-pale skin. (In Sheer Glow, I wear Siberia.)

    That said, I'm a bit mixed about SG. While the colour matches me fairly well, and it looks decent enough on me, and the coverage is good, you have to spend another $6 USD to get a pump for it, and the only way to apply it that actually works is the way they suggest (rub product in between your fingers and stipple it on).

    I'm a bit like Goldilocks in regards to foundation; I've yet to find one that's "just right".

  12. The blue worn as a liner looks so strikingly gorgeous on your eye. I've never tried Nars cosmetics before, is that a huge sin in the make up world?
    Hugs xoxo

  13. How much was the sheer glow foundation for? I'm thinking of buying it but need to keep budget restraints in mind!

  14. The pink toned shadow looks beautiful! Love all your choices!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  15. Very pretty makeup you did! I love Nars!
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

  16. The lip gloss looks lovely, I'm in the market for a NARS blush at the moment but can't decide on a shade eeeep

    daisydimples.blogspot.co.uk xx

  17. I was doing the same last Saturday-playing with NARS products in London. I fell in love with their Audacious lipsticks and also bought their trusty Velvet Matt Lip Crayon. Never tried their foundation though.

  18. I dont like this foundation, with my dry skin is horrible

    ♥ themarthalist.blogspot.com ♥

  19. Loving the Glove eyeshadow and that gloss looks beautiful. I have never had anything from Nars. I'm so deprived! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  20. I definitely still love sheer glow! I love the finish it gives on my skin and the shade I have is perfect for me (I always struggle to get a good shade match with foundations) Love how Giove looks as a liner!!


  21. Wow your eyes look so lovely in this post! I'm so used to seeing you rock all the nude shades but this flash of blue really suits you. Even though you weren't too keen on Phoebe I think it goes really well paired with the blue :)

    she dreams

  22. I haven´t been a sheer glow fan from the start. Maybe I got matched all wrong the first time, but I always felt uncomfortable when wearing it, even after I got the right shade.

  23. Been looking at some more NARS products for the collection and these look beautiful! <3

    BerryBloomXO.com | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

  24. I LOVE wearing Super Orgasm over nude lipsticks! I'm itching to get my hands on an audacious lipstick but I've heard the color range is so great it's a little overwhelming - so I may hold off until I have a "Oh I really need a good ______ lipstick" epiphany.

  25. One of the best beauty brands ever. Glad you got it back in UAE!

    Anneli x

  26. you should check out this post by jaa on phoebe, where she wears it with dual intensity. looks awesome tough yes, definitely not a warm color.