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5 Oct 2014


So this is what I did today. I woke up, checked social media, ate porridge, played with Roger and Rose, got ready, tidied the house, discussed the fact that I would quite like to lose about 3-4 kg with myself and then went to eat a deep fried chicken burger.

The burger that I speak of was from Salt. Now this is an Emirati brand that I have been following on social media for a few weeks. As a food truck concept they travel around the UAE and are never in one spot for long. This obviously makes them infinitely cooler than your average burger joint and I have been determined to locate them. After a tip off from Laura I headed over to Kite Beach in Jumeirah and sure enough, there they were.

The menu doesn’t seem particularly innovative at first glance – wagyu burgers and fries – but there are a few details packed in there that make all the difference. Probably the most famous/most WTF dish is the Cheetos slider. As a cheetos lover I am totally on board but it’s not your everyday combination. Let me tell you that it was absolutely delicious. The Cheetos soften within the bun and create a chewiness and texture that marries well with the chicken. I absolutely wolfed it down.

I love concepts like these. Nice branding, clever marketing and good simple, well-priced food. I really hope this is the start of more food trucks in the UAE. We just don’t have that scene yet and it’s a great way to support original non-chain restaurant businesses.  I have my fingers firmly crossed!

Now in order to ensure that this post is not entirely focused on Cheetos I will throw in a quick outfit segment. Sometimes all I want to wear is jeans and a white top…well not really sometimes, actually a lot of the time! It’s comfortable and also surprisingly cool.

The top is a basic from ASOS. I had the black and then I reordered another one in a value pack of two colours. The material is outstanding – it works well under a suit/with jeans but even better than that, it can be wiped clean! Yes that mayo on your burger that drips ungainly down your top can be eradicated with a swift wipe. Outstanding! It will seem like a very boring thing to order but trust me, you will wear them constantly! 

Top: ASOS – Link!
Blazer: old ASOS
Jeans: Mango – Link!
Shoes: London Rebel (sold out I think) 
Bag: Furla – Link!

Next up either nail polish chat or a perfume review...let me know what you would prefer! :) 


  1. I'd love to see a perfume post!

  2. I really like oyur hair this length :) I'd like to see the perfune review first, I've not been very into nail polish lately!

  3. love your photos, that burger looks amazing!

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  4. I have that "need to lose a couple of pounds" talk with myself weekly then is followed by indulgence.. Burger looked great.

    Would love to see a nail polish post next :)

    Bea x

  5. OMG! That burger looks amazing!!

  6. Burger looks so good! This is what I miss about not being able to eat gluten anymore! Cheetos is definitely unusual haha

  7. That burger looks incredible! And I always enjoy some good nail polish chat.

  8. Such a summery post, kinda makes me sad that the summer is already over. :) x


  9. Oof this looks amazing! Wish we had this over here in New York...must get to Dubai soon!

    Food-proof clothing sounds even more amazing if possible...


  10. Gosh, that burger looks wonderful!!! http://meowemily.blogspot.com

  11. Oh I so wish this was in my country. Australia doesn't food truck at all yet.
    Gorgeous picture too!

    www.kindoflovely.com || AUS Fashion/Lifestyle

  12. Wooowww....thats sound a great time!

    ♥ themarthalist.blogspot.com ♥

  13. These food trucks look super cool. Definitely need to chat nails next Laura!!!
    Giveaway on my blog - Win a pair of Ray-Ban's of your choice!

  14. Yum, sounds delish. Totally loving your hair btw.

  15. That burger looks amazing, I'm so hungry right now so probably not the best post to be reading. I know what I want for lunch :)

  16. This looks like a great day - wonderful pics! I'd love to see the perfume review :)

  17. your photos are gorgeous, and of course you look as beautiful as ever! :)

    Lorna | www.studsanddreams.com xx

  18. great post! now I'm going to obsess over finding this darn food truck ;)

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  19. Good burger! Perfume review next please

  20. Most of the stuff you wear goes on my wish list :D! Your style is amazing :)


  21. The burger looks delicious it actually made me a little hungry. Last time I was at a truckeroo I stood in line for 2 hours for a sandwich that didn't meet my hungry expectations.
    You look great! Loving the Furla bag!

  22. Hey,
    You have a really lovely Blog. Do you want to support each other and follow via GFC?
    If yes please tell me and i follow back :)

    Greetings from Germany

  23. A 'deep friend chicken burger'?
    Sure this typo is fueled by hunger mixed with a bit of love, isn't it?
    I completely understand ;)

  24. Fab post! The burger looks A-maz-ing! I need to find salt asap!!
    Love you blog btw!
    H : )

  25. Oh I really love your new hair cut. Très chic!

    PS: I just got a cream/white blazer and it was totally inspired by you. Buy the blazer now, thanks Laura later ;-)

  26. cheetos is the BOMB...good that i know we can talk about this publicly cos I was so embarced of my love for cheetos ;) you hari color is magnifique..très chic x perfume post will be amazing love to hear what is your new addition :)