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30 Nov 2014

ASOS ordering

Technically I didn’t buy anything on Black Friday. Technically being the operative word. The ASOS site kept crashing and after a while so did my patience. So I returned to the site yesterday and made my order. The discount offered is 20% but they, like many retailers, were a bit naughty and inflated the prices to ensure that despite that discount, their margins remained healthy. Clearly, this fact did not put me off and so here is a rundown of what is on it’s way:
29 Nov 2014

Jo Malone - Wood Sage and Sea Salt

Wood Sage and Sea Salt. How on earth do you describe that? Seriously?

I must have read the press release at least 10 times and I still don’t really know the best way to sell it to you. I know that “it’s like really nice” won’t do the job so I will attempt a botched perfume description job.

27 Nov 2014

Let's catch up!

Whoops! It’s been such a long time! What have I been up to?

Well here are some highlights:
9 Nov 2014

Like but don't love

The premise of this post is to chat about products I have purchased recently that although nice to look at and perhaps use would definitely not qualify for a repurchase or a recommendation.

That’s the idea behind it anyway. Think of it as a passive aggressive way of slagging something off. So let’s get started!
7 Nov 2014

Black Opium by YSL

This perfume has plagued me for two weeks. As nice as the scent is I had a wicked sense of déjà vu - just where had I met this fragrance before?
6 Nov 2014

New in: MAC Soar liner

I think we all know that Kylie Jenner’s lips are not the product of lip liner and that buying MAC Soar, a liner she purports to use, will not generate the big smackers that she currently possesses.

However, as much as this is common knowledge I just couldn’t help myself. I watched Pixiwoo’s interview with Kimmie and when she mentioned Soar I googled it straight away. Rosy-mauve tones that amplify what God gave you? Yes please. I went to the counter a couple of days later and I was actually surprised to see that it was in stock. It would seem that the general population just doesn’t G.A.S This was my first lesson. My second is that Soar lip liner is friggin amazing.