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30 Nov 2014

ASOS ordering

Technically I didn’t buy anything on Black Friday. Technically being the operative word. The ASOS site kept crashing and after a while so did my patience. So I returned to the site yesterday and made my order. The discount offered is 20% but they, like many retailers, were a bit naughty and inflated the prices to ensure that despite that discount, their margins remained healthy. Clearly, this fact did not put me off and so here is a rundown of what is on it’s way:
ASOS order
Metallic grey Converse - I had seen these a few weeks ago after a tip off from The Carlson and they have stayed in the back of my mind ever since. I did have a look at the New Balance and Nike trainers on the site but I felt a bit nervous about ordering them. Am I cool enough? No. Converse are a safer bet and I think these will look good with dark jeans.

Jack Wills Plaid Shirt – this doesn’t look great in the picture above does it? The ASOS image is far more appealing and now I am a bit concerned that they have misled me. In theory this should be a brighter red plaid shirt that will be good for a weekend/live in jeans situation. Let’s wait and see!

Cat bag – so cute. No justification. Let’s just go on.

Dr Denim jeans – mmm maybe I want the legs on the model more than the jeans but this is a brand that I have been meaning to try since Elin Kling mentioned it a couple of years ago. They get good reviews but remain affordable. I am hoping the quality is along the same lines as Cheap Monday/GAP.

Curved hem top – I have been waiting for this to come back in stock because I think the shape of it is so pretty. I just hope that it doesn’t expose too much midriff because….I ain’t ready for that.  If all goes to plan I intend to wear it with black/dark blue jeans.

Silver shoes – I realize that you might be getting a sense of déjà vu here but I had to repurchase after Rose went through another pair. She also destroyed one Chanel ballerina but lets not go there because I love her very much and it was my fault leaving them out. ASOS call this style Southy. I think it’s pretty much the same as the Spring Break model but they have just renamed it probably because there is a tiny modification in the design that may come from a different manufacturer. They look wearable and silver heels are so amazing – I am excited for these!

Christmas jumper – the one I really want (and will be stalking until it returns) was not available but I thought that this was a neutral take on that whole trend.  I love the little collar and the hint of fairisle design towards the hem. I plan on wearing this to our Christmas day brunch and I think it's pretty enough to wear beyond that. 

Did you pick anything up during the sales?


  1. that curved hem top is a dream! gorgeous purchases :)

    Rachel // Style Soup

  2. Tut, tut, tut, to inflated prices!! Love the jeans, curved top and silver shoes! C x


  3. The whole inflated prices thing is so annoying! I did pick up a dress from Little Mistress on ASOS that had been on my wishlist for a while-I wanted it for Christmas parties so thought I may as well pick it up while it had 20% off. I bought a back up of Liz Earle cleanse and polish too because they had 20% off and free delivery on the 150ml size. To be honest though, I thought a lot of the deals around were over hyped. Em x

  4. Love your picks! Definitely going to put my pay check to good use.... ;)

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  5. I also ordered those silver pointed courts! I can't get enough of my rose gold ones, so I thought I'd treat myself before party season officially kicks off. Now I'm thinking I should have bought a Christmas jumper too.

    - Elodie x


  6. i didn't buy any clothes but I did buy some books and dvds on amazon. Technically i din't buy them as I got them from the amazon gift cards that I have.

  7. Surprisingly, the items I saved in my wishlist from the sale on ASOS still remained on sale this morning, so I went ahead and ordered some jeans and... socks. How adventurous of me.

  8. I really like your christmas jumper, very traditional. I went for cheesy/cute one this year and am eager to wear it but not sure when it is acceptable to start rocking festive attire? I figure as soon as it's December it's fine! Black Friday: retailers dream ;)


  9. This might sound a bit random Laura but if you end up not liking the plaid shirt Victoria's Secret in Dubai Mall have a long sleeved one, the red is slightly more wine-red and it's very Khloe Khardashian-esque but I really liked it and my best friend picked one up this week. The stock in there seems to fly off the shelves but they had about 10 out on Thurs. Naughty Rose! Or naughty Laura.... ;-)

  10. I really like your choice of items!

  11. loveeeee your picks! always down fr a flannel, that christmas sweater is too cute! and that cat bag omg would make a fab little gym bag or overnight tote xx

    Stephanie's Look

  12. Love the curved hem top, such an amazing basic piece!

    Sophia // sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  13. I did stay strong, this time.
    You picked some awesome pieces though.


  14. I'd like to take a moment to morn for the solitary Chanel ballet flat that gave it's best years so that pairs of heeled Louboutins could survive the chewy dog jaws. Also let us not forget the one ballet flat left behinds, who will now never fulfill it's destiny of coffee trips, Zara trips and airport dashes (unless there is a comedy 'wear odd shoes for charity' day). Brave Chanel ballet flat.

  15. Ah good buys! I treated myself also to a pair of jeans and a gorgeous red midi dress on the promise of wearing it NYE. But that was just an excuse'

  16. I got some boots from Zara that I'd had my eye on. Apart from that, I managed to exercise self control! I love the things you've bought.


  17. Love the kitty bag ~ so cute!! And been there, done that with the "dog shoe chewin'" .. same deal .. I should have put my shoes away.

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  18. Love the metallic converse!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  19. Wow the white top and Christmas jumper are beautiful!! :)

  20. great selection :) so annoying with the price inflation, luckily their are savvy bloggers like yourself to pick up on these things haha


  21. Some great numbers here. I am interested in item 5.

  22. Wow – I love the pictures! Want all this stuff, too.
    Also the design of your whole blog is really pretty, girl! ♥
    I’m following you via gfc & look forward for your next post. You’re great – keep going!
    Adoorablee.blogspot.com ♥

  23. I love the converse and the asos curved hem top. I didn't get anything. Sales and I just never seem to work out for some reason! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  24. I had the same issue with ASOS!!! I got rose gold metallic shoes instead :)


  25. I have the pink glitter incarnation of Southy from ASOS and they're so comfy!

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