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23 Dec 2014

Little Red Riding Hood Gone Wrong

I bought this cape from Zara about a month ago. I thought that it would be perfect for a trip to New York (in January I might add!) that I was planning.

This would have possibly ended up being the coldest holiday of my life (this thing doesn't even have sleeves FGS) so it's probably a good thing that work projects have come up and I will now have to begrudgingly reschedule the trip.

So while reality soap stars are pictured in the Daily Mail lounging in Dubai with swimwear on, I am prancing around in knits, boots and capes :)
21 Dec 2014

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation review

Well isn’t this exciting? Meet the new liquid foundation from the hands of Francois Nars.

Out in Spring 2015 for a sum that has yet to be determined (I’ll update this as soon as I know specific details), this foundation adopts a title so outlandishly promising that I squealed upon seeing it written on the press release.  
19 Dec 2014

High-end beauty haul!

How's this for logic? I cleaned out my makeup collection so I could add to it....with yet more makeup.

So yes, there have been a few new things added to the stash. Here goes...
17 Dec 2014

LiLash: The Return

So LiLash. Those of you that have been loyally following me for years will be well versed in my lash extension obsession.  

Once upon a time lash serums were not mainstream and I went to extra-lengths to order and try them out. Crazy lengths. Now of course you can pick them up pretty easily and there are many brands competing with another, each promising outlandishly confident results.
11 Dec 2014

Tom Ford Lips & Boys: Xavier, Patrick and Olivier

“I like the idea of lipsticks named after boys. Why commit to one when you can have several?” Tom Ford is so on my wavelength.

I read about the limited edition Lips & Boys collection and fell in love with the concept. It all sounded so appealing – the choice of 50 shades, the idea that they were smaller (and therefore more affordable) than their full-size counterparts and the fact that the brand had eschewed the typical feminine names and gone for a more masculine edge.

So I ordered three without really doing any research. Of course I did.
9 Dec 2014

All about that base

EDIT: The title of this blog is inspired (AKA ripped off) from a post on Melissa’s instagram. Follow her if you don’t already – Link! – expect many make up posts and general inspirational lifestyle imagery that will make you want to grow your hair long, wear jeans all the time and buy many more lipsticks. 

So here’s a weird thing. I don’t really like reading reviews until AFTER trying/buying a foundation. It’s all very backwards. I use it and only then start the process of fastidiously researching other people’s reviews of it once my opinion has been firmly formed.

I appreciate that I am probably in the minority here and that most sensible people like to do a perusal of blogs to see what the general consensus is on a product as fundamental as a foundation.

So with all that said in an unnecessarily long introduction after trying three new foundations recently I thought I would put my thoughts down.


OMG write a friggin blogpost already?

I have been so slack. So, so slack. Every day I think to myself: "I must blog today" and then 9pm rolls around and I sit in front of the TV and decide that Homeland/The Fall/The Newsroom/anything else deserves my full concentration.

Honestly though I think it's good to have a break every now and then, have time to reflect, buy new things and then when you do blog it can feel fun and less of a chore.

So here I am! And I am so pleased to be here that I may actually upload two posts in one evening. Absolutely unheard of.
3 Dec 2014

A rave for Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara

I have never met a Bourjois mascara that I liked. Until now. 

The prompt for purchase was something that Zara AKA Mouldyfruit, said in passing. She mentioned that Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde was one of “those” mascaras that apply perfectly from first swipe. Well that sealed the deal.