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9 Dec 2014


OMG write a friggin blogpost already?

I have been so slack. So, so slack. Every day I think to myself: "I must blog today" and then 9pm rolls around and I sit in front of the TV and decide that Homeland/The Fall/The Newsroom/anything else deserves my full concentration.

Honestly though I think it's good to have a break every now and then, have time to reflect, buy new things and then when you do blog it can feel fun and less of a chore.

So here I am! And I am so pleased to be here that I may actually upload two posts in one evening. Absolutely unheard of.

I think I am partly doing this because the outfit post featured below is SO BORING and therefore needs to be bolstered with something more substantial/interesting/useful.

So the outfit. I will say this upfront as a full admission to you all - I bought this jumper because I watched the Beyonce video and decided that I wanted to be her. Ideally I would be revealing it to you in knickers only as per 7/11 styling but I opted for jeans. The jumper is cheap and from eBay - I didn't want to commit more than £15 for a jumper that said Kale. If you are going to order from the same seller that I used I would think about sizing. For reference I got the medium but the large would have been a better bet. Sure, it would undoubtedly be boxier but it would also cover the bum more successfully. This one feels a little too short and I just don't like to get my arse out.

The jeans are a bit of a revelation. When I ripped off the packaging they looked like they would fit a skinny tween - and a skinny tween only. The fabric though is (clearly) stretchy and they feel so comfortable on. They are also not horrifically low so the muffin top situation is nicely controlled.

Lastly the shoes. Oh silver ASOS shoes how I love thee! I mentioned to you before that I was buying these and I can confirm the following:

1) They are almost exactly the same as Spring Break - the fit is comfortable although these are perhaps a little longer in length.
2) They look so fabulous on, despite the fact that they are a cheap shoe.
3) That glitter pair looks amazing.

Jumper: eBay - Link!
Jeans: Dr Denim - Link!
Shoes: ASOS - Link!
Sunglasses: Prada
Bag: Alexander Wang - Link!

Apologies for the crappy photo - I'll try and step up my game and rope my dear mummy into being my outfit photographer.  I am sure this exactly what she pictured herself doing during her holiday :) 


  1. Loving the simplicity of your outfit, the shoes are perf xx


    1. Thank you so much :) x The shoes are amazing. I just hope my dog doesn't eat them this time :))

  2. A sweater that says kale for under $20? YAAAS PLEASE!

  3. What size is your sweater??

  4. Those shoes are spot on! I need a metallic shoe and I need them now!

  5. Chilled out vibe with a glam shoe- what's not to love? x

    She Likes to Shop

  6. You look exactly like Beyonce. Just different.

    Seriously, I wish I could wear a jumper and jeans and look glam. I totally look like I wear jeans and a jumper. End of story.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  7. That jumper is awesome.

    Eea P

  8. Ooo I might have to buy that jumper now!! Btw, those shoes are just..wow! x


  9. My mouth is open!!!!! Are you serious!!! I feel beyond beyond special!!! Like, wow! :))))

  10. I think that a break is sometimes good too. Love this outfit. x


  11. As a huge Kale lover I have to get this sweat. It actually looks amazing on you Laura!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  12. I NEED that sweater, even though i'm not that into kale :P

  13. Glad you finally decided to vlog lol. That sweater is so cheeky I am definitely checking it out! :)

    Maggie A

  14. absolutely love this outfit, basic yet sprused up with the shoes and accessories. love it! definitely gonna be saving up for the jumper, great post!


  15. looks great with the silver shoes x


  16. I have the pink glitter ones! They are much pinker in person (which I love, since I love pink). Money well spent I think.

  17. I need to get my hands on that jumper, I looove!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

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