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23 Dec 2014

Little Red Riding Hood Gone Wrong

I bought this cape from Zara about a month ago. I thought that it would be perfect for a trip to New York (in January I might add!) that I was planning.

This would have possibly ended up being the coldest holiday of my life (this thing doesn't even have sleeves FGS) so it's probably a good thing that work projects have come up and I will now have to begrudgingly reschedule the trip.

So while reality soap stars are pictured in the Daily Mail lounging in Dubai with swimwear on, I am prancing around in knits, boots and capes :)

To be honest I only wear this cape at night because believe it or not, it does actually get a little chilly and this is the perfect piece because it's not as heavy or as protective as a coat and so warms me up...but not too much. I love the shape and flow and turn into a bit of a whirling Dervish when I get it on.

The boots and the jumper are also Zara - and new.

Now the jumper is fine..she says as she can feel her skin itching beneath it.

It is long line, has pockets and a flattering funnel neck but the material is not the best. It's not scratchy exactly - it's just not soft and a reminder that I should probably avoid Zara when it comes to knits. It rarely works out. When it comes to footwear though? Different story because the boots are my new love!

Chunky, Alexander Wang-y and with the feel of a well-made high-end boot, I am so, so happy with the impulse purchase.

I think they might look a bit crappy in the picture below but trust me they are soooo (apparently lots of "o's" are required") amazing in real life.

They are also comfortable - the heel is low - and haven't caused me any grief when it comes to rubbing/blisters. They are definitely sturdy and maybe not a seductive shape but for me: pointed toe + high walkability rating + good quality leather = win!!! Seeing as the sales are coming, I think these are definitely something to keep an eye out for.

Jumper: Zara - Link!
Boots: Zara - Link!
Jeans: Dr Denim - Link!
Cape: Zara - Link!
Bag: Alexander Wang Rocco - Link!

I have been so very boring with my clothes lately - I just want to live in black, white and grey - so I haven't felt like it warranted an outfit post but then I think, maybe people won't mind that I show these dull ensembles because most of us don't want to wear wacky prints or colours every day of the week and it's really okay to dress simply, rotating old (and new) staples and going more for comfort over anything else. Yep, I just know that there are boring sensible people like me out there - am I right?

PS. I have had some questions about the NARS foundation review I posted the other day. I had to temporarily take it down as although the PR agency (who sent me the foundation) were initially informed that it was okay to talk about the product, they were then informed that it was not. So it's been hidden for a couple of weeks. I'm pretty sure its already been indexed by Google and read by many of you which makes it a slightly pointless exercise but nevertheless, if you made it here to read it then you just got an exclusive ;)


  1. Replies
    1. I bring it out every Autumn Winter! Such a great bag - heavy as hell but great :)

    2. Do you find the seams of your Rockie to wear down quickly? Debating if I should keep one that I just bought since I read somewhere that it falls apart with heavy use.

  2. Such a gorgeous outfit!

  3. This cape is amazing!! I love the look. I feel you on the no sleeves thing though, that can be troublesome in the cold!


  4. Ooooh I have been really into capes lately. That looks like an excellent choice

  5. LOVE the shoes. I agree with you, they seem very reminiscent of Alexander Wang's style.

  6. Great outfit! Loving the cape and It's perfect for our 'chilly' UAE nights, hehe...

    Heather x x

  7. Loving your cape, it's stunning!! X

  8. Didn't know that Dubai could get chilly at night. I thought its similar to Singapore which is hot all year round regardless day or night. The cape looks luxurious. It gives your outfit that elegant and chic touch. I like it ^_^

    I'm not impressed with Zara's knitwear/cardigan/sweaters too. I tend to itch beneath it. Especially with their tags at the back. I always need to snip them off before wearing or I'll get this rashes. Uncool. Hope Zara's team can look into this issue.


  9. Love this combo. I am stalking Zara on boxing day for not one but two of the capes they put out this year. So many good ones!

  10. I am really into capes, but this time of year it is much to cold in Germany to wear them out.

    Merry Christmas to you!

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  11. Love the boots!!! And while I love the way you wear colour, I just can't, so I for one am loving your monochrome streak!! Merry Christmas!

  12. I love the detailing and cut of that top-such a shame that it's itchy :(

    She Likes to Shop

  13. I've been wanting a cape for the past few years, but they're just not practical for Canadian winters, sigh. Well, I can dream...(or live vicariously through you, hehe!) Most importantly- those boots are GORGEOUS!

    envie de voir e monde

  14. I think you look great and I love the regular o'l "this is what I'm wearing" type post. Do we have to be editorial magazine ready every day?

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

    1. LOVE this comment hahaha so flipping true! <3

  15. I was in Dubai recently and I was pleasantly surprised by how not hot the weather was (not cold exactly, but not that annoying hot that I remembered it to be). The cape is gorgeous!!! :)

  16. Hi Laura,

    Curious to know what you've been reading. You haven't written about it!

    Happy holidays! :)

  17. You look great as always. I love the look of the boots - Zara footwear is usually a winner! For me personally, one of the main reasons I read blogs is to get ideas for nice outfits that actually work in real life, so please do keep on posting your lovely outfits, however simple!

    Kate Louise Blogs

  18. I love the boots and bag! x :D


  19. I love your cape

  20. love looking at your posts.


  21. Love the look of those boots! Glad I read that Nars foundation post in time!!


  22. I absolutely love the bag!

  23. So nicely styled. The booties are really cute.

  24. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has that view when it comes to Zara knits! I always end up sorely disappointed. haha

    Cape looks fabulous though, will be perfect for New York! I'm excited for you!

    Lis x


  25. Zara knits never last very long, and I find them slightly itchy. I've never really considered Zara shoes but you may have changed my mind

    My Most Coveted| A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

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