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21 Feb 2015

Cute or creepy? Moschino Toy

Is it very reactionary of me to say that I find this perfume a little unsettling? I must be a very sensitive flower :)

I think Moschino creative Jeremy Scott’s intention was to get people talking and what better way than to package a perfume within a cute teddy. To access the diffuser all you have to do is rip teddy’s head off. How cute/weird!

It’s certainly an original idea – although perhaps one that will terrify small children and those with a sensitive disposition – and destined to be a talking point.

However, it will be the packaging that is talked about and certainly not the perfume. It’s curious that something as visually outlandish as Toy houses such a supremely generic scent.

Officially it’s a unisex aromatic blend of bergamot, lavender, cedar, sandalwood and musk.

First of all, there are not many men I know that will be willing to put this in their man bag no matter how much they claim it’s for both sexes and secondly all I get once it dries down is a bit of cedar and a bit of lavender. It’s not unpleasant at all – with a good woody base - but it has to be said that neither is it that memorable. It merges into memories of various mainstream Calvin Klein scents  and maybe even an occasional shot of D&G Light Blue. Not bad but nothing new in the fragrance world.

If the world was full of millions of Katie Perry’s then I think this would be a best seller purely based on the way that it looks but I can’t see it becoming an iconic fragrance based on the perfume alone.

Still, over the last couple of weeks I have wavered between finding it insanely cute, clever and a little creepy. It definitely makes a change from the usual glass bottles we are confronted with at the department store and has injected a bit of fun into my perfume collection. Is it worth the £80….probably not (doesn't that seem like an awful lot?!) but I guess you could argue that a purchase of any bottle gives you three things:

a) A teddy
b) A fragrance
c) A t-shirt to put on small animals :) 

What do you think? Cute or creepy?


  1. Moschino do have some great perfumes (I'm currently loving 'Funny') but this is a tad bit too much. Definitely not something that I would purchase as it looks childish. Not my style at all lol Xx


  2. This is so weird! I love teddies and perfumes, but the idea of pulling teddy's head off is unsettling:)

  3. hummm a little creapy. :)

  4. I think it's kind of cute! Aside from having to take it's head off, I do like the idea. It's a shame about the perfume itself though.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

  5. totally creepy. the older I get the more drawn I am to clean/plain perfume bottles i.e. Le Labo / Kiehl's Musk /Balenciaca

  6. I'm going with creepy!


  7. Oh God, no! I couldn't take the head off a teddy bear. I don't care if its filled with the nectar of the gods, I just wouldn't be able to bring myself to do it.

    Funny enough, it's not the first time I've seen it. There was I teddy bear exhibition on in the city centre and they had a selection of bears from the 30s, when this was really popular. I think one of the bears, when his head was torn from his body, was a lipstick. Another was a swiss army knife. Delightful stuff!

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  10. Definitely not for me! I love beautiful perfume bottles on my dresser, but this would not earn a place!!!!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  11. It's definitely a bit creepy but I love that its something a little different from normal perfume bottles!

    Caz | thisiscaz

  12. Very quirky! ... I'd say cute AND creepy!

    Jess x


  13. At some point it's very cute and innovative, on the other hand it sure is a bit creepy to take off that cute bears head :)


  14. Its abit horror movie-ish…but thats Moschino

  15. Like the sound of the fragrance, but there is no need for it to be held in a stuffed toy!

    Emily x

  16. haha....a t-shirt to put on small animals...that bit made me chuckle! My dog would look great in that!

    Lis x


  17. It's cute I suppose but I think it would be more for me if I was a teenager as opposed to a woman in her early 30s. I wouldn't thank anyone for buying me this and it certainly wouldn't be sitting out on my dressing table, no matter how much I loved the scent!

    It definately is cute but the idea of ripping the bear's head off to get to the perfume is quite creepy! Moschino are taking a risk with this design... unless it is aimed at the younger generation (see how old I am getting!) then it is fine!


  18. Creepy. Charlie cried when the head fell off! Haha :)

  19. Definitely unnecessary! And it takes away so much space with the teddy. It's probably a funny idea for a present, but for this price?

  20. The teddy bear fragrance is adorable, but slightly creepy.


  21. Absolutely gorgeous!! Be creative people

  22. Absolutely gorgeous!! Be creative people

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