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26 Feb 2015

Dark Side

I can’t quite believe I did this again and more importantly I can’t quite believe that I actually like the result.

Remember the last time I went dark? I was so sad I couldn’t even look in a mirror. I will now admit that a tear was even shed! It was all very dramatic but I just didn’t identify with the person that I saw staring back at me and I swore I would never go dark again.

Well, fast forward a few months and here I am! Just call me YoYo.

I have been thinking about growing out my ombre for a month or so. It’s not that I want to be natural, it’s more that I want my hair to look a little less brassy. This week I was working in Abu Dhabi and the lighting in the office toilets really highlighted the brass. It just didn’t look chic or professional so I shook my head and decided that it had to go.

Is this me growing up?

Because we are essentially the same person (just call us Limone), Simone has also been considering the same change and she did the deed on Tuesday. When I saw her WhatsApp photo I decided to march myself down to Boots at Battuta Mall and get the only dye that I have faith in – Phyto.

Now this is pretty hard to find – it’s not even in every Boots in Dubai – but I swear by it. It fades quickly which sounds like a negative but is a comfort should the colour not come out as you wish. It also doesn’t give you an intense dark finish – I find the result a lot softer than you would typically get with the likes of L’oreal.

Flashback to when I tried L’oreal Brasilia, a dark brown, and ended up with black hair.

25 minutes of cooking time on the head and I was left with the above colour. It’s just what I like – not too cool and with a coverage that isn’t too opaque so I still get the hint of dimension in the ombre pushing through.

Someone asked me on Instagram if this was like my natural colour. To be honest I have no idea! I have been colouring my hair for so long that my grip on “natural” has long faded. I would say though that brunette is probably where I should settle.

My next hair mission is growth. I am itching to get passed the mid-length phase and enter the nipple covering stage. If you know of any magic products that will get me there feel free to let me know.

PS. I had lots of questions about my makeup on Instagram and I am afraid to say that I am wearing the same old boring things. MAC Mythology on the eyes and MAC Boldly Bare liner with MAC Pure Zen on the lips!


  1. Love it. currently growing my hair too. and it's taking f o r e v e r.

  2. This Color is so beautiful and in my opinion it fits you perfectly! :)

  3. Really suits you, keep it like this!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  4. Love the color. It's perfect. Of course I am currently looking up how to get Phyto delivered the the States. :)

  5. I love it, it looks great!! I liked the last time you went dark to, but this is definitely more *you*.

  6. Oh, it's perfect! In my opinion it was really a good decision that you decided to be dark again <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  7. this colour looks stunning on you!
    Bethan | Thought from Beth x

  8. It really suits you! I'm going to have to check out Mythology, and Phyto hair dye now! x


  9. Ahh it looks so lovely!

    Emma xx

  10. Wow, you look flawless! That hair colour totally suits you, it's absolutely gorgeous on you. :)


  11. I love it Laura, you're one of those lucky people that suits both dark and light hair (and this is why I hate you! haha just kidding!) this looks gorgeous on you, not too harsh and still has lots of warmth in it.

    Lis x


  12. I love your hair, the colour suits you so well...

  13. It looks AMAZING *high pitch* xp


    Xoxo jessy

  14. So gorgeous Laura...you're absolutely glowing! Love it.


  15. It looks great on you, Laura! I have really been missing my darker hair since getting blonde balayage done but it's been such work lightening it that I want to see it through to the end before going back since I don't think I'll go blonde again afterwards.

    xo, alison*elle

  16. Looks so good on you! You look a bit like Cheryl Cole in the photo, hehe. Gorgeous.


  17. your hair looks amazing, I love the colour and the length.

    Jess x

  18. I love the colour Laura it really suits you!

    Caz | thisiscaz

  19. Gorgeous! Brunette is best ;)

  20. love your hair color!


  21. You now have the "perfect" (for me) shade of brown hair. Hair envy over here. I dyed my hair with the same products my old hair stylist used to use on me, but I left it on WAY too long and now my hair is a black-brown :(

  22. Loved your hair color before, but the brown looks very good on you! It's nice to switch things up sometimes and it's not permanent so enjoy it and have fun with it!


  23. Looks lovely! I like this color on you, although I think you look great in any hair. :)

  24. Your hair is gorgeous on you that colour, much nicer imo. Cannot believe you dyed it yourself!!! I find hair masques great for getting hair to grow.. OJON do one, you put it into dry hair, I leave it overnight.. my hair seems to really take off the 2 weeks after that. Good luck :-)

  25. For better skin, better nails and longer, stronger, thicker, shinier hair- I use L-cysteine. Biotin gives me break outs but I have found taking 2- 500mg pills of L-cysteine (one night, one morning) it vastly improved my hair, skin, and nails. It was recommended by my dermatologist because my skin was really intolerant to retinoids. I order it from iherb.com in the States because it's hard to find where I live in the Middle East. xo

  26. I just love the dark hair with the denim jacket and the pinky makeup - gorgeous! I wish I had the option to go dark again sometimes but I'm allergic to dark hair dye, so it's blond or grey for me! (I go with blond, just in case you were wondering!) x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  27. I've always preferred darker hair on you Laura. Glad to hear you are liking the darker colour this time. It suits you so well.

  28. i think you look nice wit this hair color. No reason to be sad about it. *pats* at least you didn't turn pink right?

  29. It's beautiful and warm!! If the L'oreal you used previously was in the Feria line, I totally relate, because that stuff should have a warning label that says end result is ten times more intense than the picture on the package.

  30. I did the same just at the start of the year - http://www.mschikee.com/2015/01/new-year-new-hair.html - i hated the ombre hair i had done professionally and i think i kept it far too long before i finally gave in and purchased a box hair dye and i never looked back! i just want a shorter do now - like Kim K length. I am also playing with the idea of another ombre kind of hair but not sure if i should do it my own.. Love the hair btw xx

  31. If your hair tends to get brassy, Rita Hazan Breaking Brass is amazing! It's for brown, blonde or gray hair so it works for all :)



  32. I have to admit I did a little happy dance and silly clap when I saw you'd gone darker again. I loved it the previous time (though it makes me sad to hear you were so distraught by the change!) and I think this colour suits you best. Now you have me interested in the Phyto dye. Wonder if we have it here in Canada...

    xo Chloë

  33. It looks soo great. So natural. I want this colour.


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