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7 Feb 2015

Out and About

So here's an idea. I go to events and I eat at nice places every now and then but I rarely give it much mention on the blog. Let's change that up and give a swift review round up of all the places I have visited lately. Good idea? I hope you think so! Here's the first edition of Out and About.

Le Brunch at IRIS Dubai (Oberoi Hotel in Business Bay)

Brunch is a big deal over here. To be frank, some people go to stuff their faces with rich food and others go to get blotto. If you fall into the latter camp then I would recommend the IRIS Dubai one because the focus is much more on "party" than on delivering endless supplies of grub. You can see this in every aspect of the place - the bar is the focal point, the available food is more of the finger variety and the drinks menu is seriously extensive.

I left the place starving hungry - and a bit merry it has to be said - but I do like that it's quite a casual brunch. Jeans are perfectly fine and although the venue is nice it's not an uber-pretentious crowd. It's not exactly cheap - AED 360 for non-drinkers going up to AED 560 for those wanting "bubbly" but I guess these are standard Dubai prices.


  • Bring sunglasses - a) nobody looks good drinking during day time and b) it can get bright due to the open air nature of the bar. 
  • Try the truffle mini burgers - in fact, try them multiple times. Sensational.

FRIOUL at Madinat Jumeirah

This is a BEAUTIFUL French restaurant in Madinat Jumeirah. The view indoors is of serene white linen tables and white leather chairs with an outdoor terrace facing Burj al Arab. It's open for all meal sittings and although I have heard great things from friends about the dinner experience I have only been for breakfast so far.

The menu has all the standard offerings - fresh juices, pastries, smoked salmon etc - but with some twists, namely in the use of duck eggs. I can't get on board with that - sorry, I am the least adventurous food consumer in the world - so I went with a classic: Pain Perdu AKA French Toast and a fruit platter.

Needless to say the French toast was delicious. It managed to find that magical state of being melt in-your-mouth without being soggy. Amazing.

The restaurant is open for business at 8am and it's very quiet. For me that's advantageous as I don't have a personality until about 10am and after at least two coffees so calm and serene is ideal. Maybe next time I will be brave and try the fried duck egg...maybe not.

  • Enjoy a table near the entrance or on the terrace - we have about 2 months until the heat makes that an impossibility. 

Monica Vinader and Boutique 1

Boutique 1 is one of those high end stores that curate a well thought out mix of designers. Think Sophie Hulme, Chloe, Victoria Beckham and now, Monica Vinader. The jewellery designer now has a presence in the UAE and you can buy her key pieces from Boutique 1 with the Mall of the Emirates branch offering the best selection.

I went to a launch event one afternoon a week or so ago and met Monica (one of those mwah mwah moments on the way out), had a cake, and got a bracelet engraved.

I was given the Escenia Friendship Bracelet in Rose Gold. It comes dotted with dozens of white topaz  and the signature cord.

I had seconds to decide what to engrave on the back and I went for the lame option - my blog name :)

I really love Monica Vinader's pieces. I had one before - the Eternity ring that was one of those "to me, love me" gifts - and I can 100% see myself getting more. All of her key marketing team were at the event and had arms of mixed metal stacks and so that is my goal....an armful of pretty bracelets that are hopefully engraved with more meaning! :)

Miracle Gardens in Dubailand

I FINALLY made it to this place this weekend. It was an unfortunate choice of day as it was absolutely packed but Miracle Gardens is fundamentally a random showcase for a landscaper in the middle of the desert. It is undoubtedly a little tacky in parts but there are also some really pretty structures - namely the umbrella canopy - that make it worth the 30 AED entrance fee.

If you are in Dubai/visiting Dubai I am not totally sure I would recommend going out of your way to pay a visit but if you do, you will definitely come away with some Instagram-worthy shots :)

Thanks for reading everyone! 


  1. Ah I really loved this post! 4 things I have never done and given I live like 100 metres from Miracle Garden that's quite shocking!!

    Definitely want to give Frioul a whirl and Monica Vinader is permanently on my wish list!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

  2. Ooh I really like this new style of post, all the sunny pictures are making a very grey Britain look rather miserable though haha looking forward to more posts like this :)

  3. Laura, you live in Paradise , really....:D Ohhh, what a nature and the food looks very good ..

  4. Hey that brunch recommendation comes in handy! I'd love to hear more of them too in the same category: party, who cares about food ;-) I like your new blog layout too! x

  5. Love this post! Your pictures and new layout look amazing! I do love the idea of showing where to eat/do when in Dubai, in case I ever make it over there, I'll have some good recommendations! Glad you're back to blogging! :-)

  6. Everything looks fabulous, especially all that food! Love the umbrellas art installation too!

    Louise x

  7. These photos were absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing a bit about where you go.

  8. Think I'm going to love these features. The french toast looks soooo yummy. I collaborated with Monica Vinader last year & love the pieces in her collection. I have the Fiji gold friendship bracelet & like you would love to build an arm stack.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  9. Great post, lovey to see you out and about. Also loving the new layout. Very clean and chic.

  10. I really wanted to go to Miracle Gardens on my last trip to Dubai but we ran out of time. The French toast looks so good! x

  11. Keep 'em coming! You're pretty much writing my Dubai 'to do' list for next month without even knowing it! haha!

    Lovely idea for a post, me likey :)

    Lis x


  12. Eternal sunshine is making the winter looking v. depressing right now! Love the Umbrella Canopy :)


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