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21 Feb 2015

Spring Shopping

Spring 2015 Wish List
If I put it out to the universe that I want everything featured above in my wardrobe do you think that it will all one day magically appear? Here's hoping!

This is my latest impossibly expensive/impractical shopping list. Out of everything featured here I will probably end up buying 2 things - the shoes and the other cheapest item which is the Whistles dress - but if budget was no object I would be ordering all of this stuff…right this very moment!

1. See by Chloe Washed Silk Mini Dress 
This is currently on TheOutnet (Net a Porter's online outlet store) and the only things holding me back on ordering are:

a) How short is mini?
b) Will this make my arms look fat?

I love the colour scheme and the bow tie back but I keep hesitating when it comes to checkout. If anyone happens to have tried this on please let me know!

2. Valentino scalloped shorts
Valentino shorts! I mean come on now…. these do look impossibly lovely on the site model though. Well tailored and with scalloped edging that looks hardy - unlike my ASOS pairs that turn to curl and frey after a couple of wears. Maybe one night I will drunk-shop and you will see them in a future OOTD.

3. Chloe polka dot tulle skirt
Another Outnet item that has been generously reduced from over £1000 to (ahem) £400. Damn. It's still too much for me to pay for a skirt. I think it's absolutely gorgeous though and if it was £200 cheaper I would probably buy it because a skirt with that apparent weight and detail doesn't get replicated well on the high street. I keep thinking how good this would also be for work meetings because it's entering midi territory in length….basically I keep thinking about every reason under the sun to justify it :)

4. Whistles dress with utility pockets
I am almost certainly going to buy this. I have been returning to the ASOS site to check it out and although I am slightly concerned that it might be transparent it's nothing that a slip couldn't sort out. The colour is very Spring and will look great underneath a light jacket (like my Zara pastel green one) or perhaps the Sonia Rykiel one at number 9 :)

5. ASOS Freed Sandals
The cheapest item in my wish list and the dead cert - I will be getting these. They are sturdy sandals made pretty in the choice of colour for the straps and the jewels. I love the idea of wearing these with white jeans for everyday. Yep, I am going to get these ASAP!

6. See by Chloe Silk Top
I love the colour of this top and again, the idea of pairing it with items like white jeans, in the summer. The only thing that has held me back so far is that front tie detail. It seems to sit at vag height on the model and typically that's not an area of my body I like to draw attention to. Anyone else?

7. Stella McCartney Zanda shorts
I swear I will never give up the hope of looking good in a pair of shorts. These seem to be that ideal midi length - not plebby but not arse revealing either. Let's face it I will never buy these but they look good with all the other items in the collage :) Maybe Topshop will come up with a good dupe...

8. Sophie Hulme Mini Tote Bag
This bag is haunting me. The colour is perfect - I believe they call it Oat and it's a soft nude/pink - but it's the shape that I cannot firmly decide on. I have tried it on in Harvey Nichols, prancing around in front of a mirror and in real life it actually works well. It's a bit different to the standard tote but still roomy enough to accommodate the day essentials. I'm keep thinking about it because although Sophie Hulme is considered "affordable" designer, it's still a sizeable chunk of change to spend on a bag.

9. Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Twill-paneled coat
A good coat or jacket can take you anywhere. This is my reason for considering this one. I am living in hope that Zara bring out something similar as to me this looks like something they would replicate in that light summertime fabric. Fingers crossed!

10. Self-Portrait Azalea Midi Dress
This dress is from a new brand - Self-Portrait. I saw them launch on Net a Porter a few weeks ago and have since seen them stocked on Shopbop and ASOS. To me it hints at the same aesthetic that For Love and Lemons have but is done in a slightly less slutty way. Each piece looks absolutely beautiful - I am aiming to buy at least one thing from them this summer. I mean, how beautiful is this dress? Sure, your boobs might pop out at any moment but you would look so great in every other respect!

So that concludes the end of my fantasy wish list. If nothing else I feel like I have made a list of the types of things that I want to check out the high street for dupes of.

What impossibly expensive items would you love to add to your wardrobe this season if you could? 


  1. Oh, I would love to own a Acne leather jacket and I am still carving for the Valentino rockstud pumps :) And now I want additional what you show here!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena www.dressedwithsoul.com

  2. I absolutely love those blue Stella McCartney shorts - the colour is gorgeous! xx

  3. Gotta agree on the coat point. Every year I have to invest in at least 2 coats, 1 for everyday and 1 for more special occasions. Funnily enough, they always seem to be from Zara. Oops :)

  4. That's quite a lovely coat! I didn't go pink, I picked a coral-red one for the spring, I think it found its way into my cart because it's so dreary and snowy in NYC this winter. #4 dress, aren't those pockets in an odd spot? I'm wondering if they would be right on the bust? If below, do they give a saggy look? (Yes I worry about things like that) My dream would be some of those lovely pairs of Valentine shoes I added to my pinterest board. They're nice to look at, even if out of range...until I put my mind to saving up to buy a pair.

  5. I absolutely love the soft palette. Each piece is absolutely stunning!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  6. Loving your choices. Just looking at that picture makes me go "ahh spring!" with a big smile.

  7. That red dress is superb!! I wish the universe hears you then would love to see OOTD posts from you! Hahaha

    Xx mschikee

  8. Wishlists are the best. They offer a little of the satisfaction actually buying them would give you, while costing zero money.
    And there always is hope that someone looking for a way to treat you will have a look.


  9. I love everything about this- especially those jeweled sandals!


  10. Those sandals are gorgeous! I'm so glad you found these out, I'll definitely be buying those for Summer! x


  11. I agree with you on #9 's pink coat - I have been seeing so many beautiful images and it's on my wish list as well! I hope you are right about Zarah ! (fingers crossed as well xx)

  12. those sandals #5
    omg , gorgeous

  13. I really love those sandals! So over winter now, ready for spring and summer! x

  14. This shade of colours makes me excited for spring <3


  15. I just posted this exact post! Mines all a bit more monochrome though :) I'm lusting for a Bao Bao by Issey Miyake Lucent tote in white, a pair of Orion metallic slides from Vince, drapey pants from Haute Hippie, an asymmetrical Helmut Lang skirt, and a small metallic crossbody by MBMJ. Collectively very expensive :-/ Basically Shopbop and Saks will be the end of me!

    Cat xx

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  17. 5, 6 & 7 are such a cute outfit! Gorgeous picks and the bag and skirt are mucho expensive but stunners!

  18. love the self portrait dress, i've been eyeing up their items but I find that they are all too expensive for a students budget.


  19. So many beautiful things here! The first dress is amazing, and that silk top. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  20. I just fell in love with the blue Stella shorts.. literally in about 5 seconds!.. head over heels..


  21. I love everything here! That Whistles dress is beyond stunning!!:) X

  22. Great post I have been loving pastels for spring. See top by Chloe is so perfect!

    I have done spring make up post so you can check it out here; http://sparklygoddess.blogspot.com/2015/02/spring-make-up-look-sminka-inspirisana.html

  23. Oh Laura I've just bough that gorgeous silk top. V bad.

  24. I have been lusting after a Sophie Hulme tote for the longest time! I love all your choices especially the Self Portrait dress. I saw a beautiful white tennis-esque dress from them on ASOS... I know how my next discount code will be used!