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8 Mar 2015

Are body chains slutty?

Are body chains slutty? If the answer to this question is yes then that's a damn shame because I really enjoyed wearing one today.

I picked up both the body chain and the oversized long-line shirt in River Island and wore them both today for a relaxed start to the week.

It's a "kinda slobby" OOTD. I probably could have elevated it by shame tucking the shirt and/or wearing heels but it is what it is.

Ssh! I secretly like dressing this comfortably!

The flats are new and from a brand called Boden which I have always associated as being the kind of place where toffs buy their weekend wear. This is probably still true but they have a good line in shoes recently and these bejewelled ballerinas are immense! See my Instagram for a close up!

Now the body chain is 100% inspired by HRH Collection. I have been addicted to her vlogs recently. If you haven't seen them then you must head over to her channel right now to consume them. In a YouTube world that is increasingly scripted and fake there is something incredibly refreshing about such an unedited approach.

She has been producing body chains and I agree with her that the hint of them underneath clothes is pretty. My shirt is so oversized that nobody probably even noticed it, but I did and I liked it. That's all that matters right? :)

Shirt: River Island - Link!
Chain: River Island - Link!
Jeans: Zara - Link!
Shoes: Boden - Link!
Bag: Furla - Link!

While we are here I thought I would throw in some other OOTD's that I posted on Instagram. I probably won't take any more pictures of these but I have had quite a few questions on the items so let's address them here:

Top: Zara - Link!
Jeans: Zara - Link!
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Pigalle - Link!
Bag: Givenchy - (similar) Link!

I love this top. It's in Zara right now and is a nice contemporary take on the traditional shirt. It's good for work but also good for more casual outfits like mine. For reference I got the medium - the small was far too tight for my liking and I think this looks better when it's slightly more relaxed.

The jeans are my latest OBSESSION. I would run, not walk, to Zara for these because they are an excellent dupe for Paige's Jimmy Jimmy Skinny boyfriend jeans. I say this because they are a relaxed fit  but they don't make your arse looks awful in the same way that many boyfriend jeans can.

Top: Topshop - Link!
Blazer: Zara - Link!
Jeans: Zara - Link!
Shoes: Jimmy Choo Gala flats (similar) - Link!
Bag: Givenchy - (similar) Link!

The top is in Topshop right now and is a beautiful metallic linen finish. Topshop do a series of these wrap blouses and they are an amazing buy. I have the navy one and now this. The only thing I would say is that this particular model is very boobilicious. I need to add an invisible stitch so that it's not completely inappropriate.

Top: COS - Link!
Jeans: same bloody Zara jeans - Link!
Shoes: Boden - Link!
Bag: Furla - Link!

COS is very hit and miss for me. Sometimes I go in there and all I see is a rack of sack dresses and then it really delivers great basics and accessories. At the moment it falls in the latter camp. This top is another white shirt type thing - clearly this is my jam right now - and I love the voluminous fit and the three quarter length sleeves. Paired with my favourite jeans and Boden flats it was an outfit I really enjoyed wearing yesterday :)

What's your favourite item in your wardrobe right now? 


  1. i love this casual look and i think body chains are amazing and can make the perfect beach/holiday look!

    Rachel // Style Soup

    1. Yay! Thanks Rachel - I love seeing them hint from beneath clothes! Glad you are on my side :)

  2. I got a gold body chain by ABS jewelry at Bloomingdales in the US and really love it. I wear it a good bit. It wasn't too expensive-like $55.

  3. If the chain makes you happy, wear it! :) I am clumsy and am sure if I wore one I would figure out 100 ways to snap it. Fortunately it's not me, so no problems. My favorite item currently is a bright red knit sweater that I didn't find until recently (although I spent all this freezing winter looking for just the thing). I am going to wear it until it falls apart.

  4. I've actually been hunting for an inexpensive and simple body chain for months, to try out the look without dropping a ton of cash, but have yet to find one I like! I love the idea of pairing a body chain with another (shorter) necklace for a cool layered look - I saw a "necklace layering" post on (I think) WhoWhatWear that included some combos with body chains, and I've been determined to find a suitable one ever since. I think you pull off the look amazingly here, Laura! Love it!

    xo Chloe

  5. I can't get enough from long cardigans at the moment :) You look good in your casual look and this is definitely an outfit I would love to wear exactly in that way <3
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  6. I am amazed how many different way there are to style jeans/white top and still look made up.
    And you are right, I didn't notice the Body Chain until you pointed it out, so probably no one else did. Definitely not slutty!

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  7. my rule is if something makes you happy, then that is all that matters!


  8. I don't think you'll automatically start sleeping with a huge influx of men and women when you wear a body chain. And even if you do, you do whatever makes you happy! Loving the studded heels, by the way!

    becky ♡ star violet

  9. I think a women should be able to wear whatever we want without being afraid of being called slutty or ugly.


  10. body chains are so sexy but in a subtle, teasing way. and your outfits are on point, such lovely variations on the classic white top, blue jeans

    ellie xo

  11. My favorite item right now is my camel coat because it's still very much winter where I am and being able to stay warm while looking chic is a must!


  12. My fave item in my wardrobe right now is my camel coat. It's still very much winter where I am right now and being able to stay warm while looking chic is a must!


  13. Great looks, I absolutely love them all! I've wanted an body chain for ages but I kind of felt like a missed the boat on that one. Seeing this post has totally re-inspired me :)


  14. I love how you toned down the body with a simple white shirt. So understated! I never would have thought to combine the two.

    She Likes to Shop

  15. I also love Alex's vlogs and body chains! I have one chain that's rose gold and I love wearing it in the summer, both under and over loose V neck T's. running over to the Zara site now to scout those jeans! I love love love the last 2 IG outfits :) xo

  16. That Zara white top is FABULOUS. Love!


  17. I think chains are sexy :) I love comfort dressing too but my kind of comfort dressing involves shorts, t-shirt and sandals. no where near brunch appropriate. i somehow have 2 worlds where i dress nicely wear my nice bags and other days where i couldn't even brush my hair properly hahaha as always love the OOTD posts :)

    xx www.mschikee.com

  18. I've been digging body chains lately. If you feel "slutty" in them, I'd suggest getting one that's just a long necklace and tuck it in. It gives the same effect, only you can't feel it underneath.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  19. I always see body chains in the stores and never know what to think of them! I like how you put it under your shirt - that's much more wearable then over a bikini or something (at least for me).

    Most loved thing in my closet right now? I'd have to say my pair of white jeans !

  20. I enjoy watching HRH's vlogs for the same reason.

  21. I love how you pulled off your body chain. My favourite item in my closet right now would actually be my pair of black, cut-out oxford style shoes. They are something that I never thought I would've worn but now I can't stop wearing them! x Jess

    It's That Time For ... Hats and Flats! 

  22. First of all, I also love Alex's Vlogs and her HRH Collection You Tube channel! Been a fan of her's for a few years now and think her style is awesome. I really like the body chain look, as I think it can elevate a simple, plain outfit and I think they can look sexy but chic all at the same time! Maybe I need to go order some now...? Ha! x

  23. I really love body chains and don't think they look slutty at all! I love your outfits in this post! x

    Joanne // Fashion Polaroids

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. I don't think body chains are slutty at all. And you pulled off one quite well! Didn't know river island was stocking some. Need to check it out. Happy weekend lovely x.
    - Aena


  27. Not at all. I want to pick up one myself but going into winter here in Australia just not sure of how much wear I'll get out of it :-(

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