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27 Mar 2015

Massimo Dutti #2

And now for something a little bit different...

I have never tried palazzo pants on until this point. Scrap that - I may have possibly tried my mum's on for a laugh circa 1989.

They have however made a comeback and when I saw them in store I experienced visions. I imagined myself looking super chic and lonnngggg. I have short, stumpy little legs so anything that would give the look of length in that department seems like a good idea.

I paired them with earthy tones - a simple light pink silk top and THAT buttery overshirt - and heels. After prancing around in them I can conclude this:

1) They do make you look taller (I think)
2) I love this colour palette together
3) I may have swept the floors of the Palm with the bottom of the trousers; and
3) The fluidity of the material works indoors but has the propensity to flap about and distort the look when worn outdoors.  You look narrow and then wide with one blow of the wind.

Trousers/Top/Jacket/Shoes - Massimo Dutti

The other outfit I chose from Massimo Dutti was a dress - which I will post later today - so this outfit was a little more out of my comfort zone. There is something about it which feels very "together" and very grown up - maybe that's why they felt so strange on me :)

Where do you stand on palazzo pants? :) 


  1. I would feel abso-fucking-lutely ridiculous in them, but you look stunning and elegant as always!

    P.S. Did you get my email regarding Kayla Itsines?

    1. haha I love this comment! Yes I did - thank you so much: I shall reply xxx

  2. How good you tried finally the palazzo pants as you look amazing in them! I agree absolutely to Patricia!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. :) I'm not sure I will do stairs that well in these but its been fun to try :) haha

  3. I am a little bit in love with this outfit. I really love the beige, browns and stone colours in this outfit, very light & spring like! It definitely does elongate you!
    Bee xxx

    1. Thank you Rebecca! I just can't walk without tripping haha :)

  4. hells teeth Laura, you make everything look elegant. I have tried palazzo pants in the sense I have held them up in a store, squinted and replaced them back on the rail. Safe in the knowledge no one will ever have to see me in them.
    The colours look fabulous on you! Xx

  5. I love this look on you, It looks very sophisticated.
    For me, I think, they aren't the thing to wear right now. Flats completely destroy the effort of looking taller and these pants and heels while chasing my daughter are trouble for sure.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  6. LOVE this! the colours are so classy and pretty on you and I love the trousers. I don't know if I'd ever be brave enough to sport them but I agree that they are very flattering and they look so good on you :)

  7. So beautiful. I can't get enough of this outfit. Such a pretty palette and looks comfy too.
    Gorgeous x


  8. Funny but I have always thought I can't wear palazzo pants because I'm short! Never thought of them as elongating before. I do think they're very elegant though so perhaps I'll give them another go! You look great. X

    Kate Louise Blogs

  9. Love the look. Adorable!

  10. These look amazing on you, so elegant and chic :)

  11. Oh I love palazzo pants! I have a black pair in a kind of crepe material I wear for work. I am fairly tall anyways but they hang beautifully and make you look tall and lean :-)

  12. Ahh! The day I go to Dubai.... wanderlust dreaming x

  13. I think I'm far too short for palazzo pants but my god do they ever look chic and flattering on you! (at least, from the side - I gather the wind was not cooperating for front photos? ;) ) Also loving this colour palette on you. Earth tones are a distant dream for me, being extremely pale and cool toned, so I like to live vicariously through people with tans...


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