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30 Apr 2015

Diesel Spring/Summer 2015 picks and hidden gems

Who would have thought this would be Diesel? If you go in store and see the Spring/Summer collection you'll notice a lot of signature Diesel style pieces - denim, leather and studding - but then also total surprises like this…
26 Apr 2015

The ASOS Striped Tunic

Hurray! My ASOS order arrived. Although a modest little haul of three items I am very happy to report that each one is a success!

Being the normal person that I am, I opened the door to the courier, signed for package, ripped open package and then proceeded to whip off clothes and try my favourite items on AT ONCE.
25 Apr 2015

How to spend a lot of money/AKA a visit to Chantecaille

Oh the thrill that comes with a high end beauty haul! Especially when the products come from one of your all time favourite brands.

I feel like it's been a while since I did some serious damage in a department store cosmetics hall but thankfully this has been well and truly rectified this weekend.
24 Apr 2015

Pink + grey

Me: Do you want to take pictures of my outfit on the terrace? 

Husband: No, not really. 

And here we have another OOTD! :)
18 Apr 2015

The rambling update

Wishlist April 15

It's been over a week since my last post. This is shocking stuff. I feel bad so here's an ultra long rambling update to tide you over. Here are the pertinent bits of information you need to know :)
9 Apr 2015

FAQ: Life as an expat in Dubai

You asked for it and I finally got round to writing it. Here is my FAQ post about life in Dubai. Now I don't consider myself Queen of Expats - I have only lived abroad for 5 years or so - but I often get emails and messages that explore themes regarding life in the UAE and so it made sense to create a repository of responses that will, finger crossed, be helpful for some of you. So here we go…
6 Apr 2015

Out and About #3

I've been out. I've been about. And it's been a while since I did one of these posts so here's my top 3 most memorable moments from the last few weeks. Roger that!

4 Apr 2015

The Pixellated Print Coat

Prepare yourselves. I have been shopping in Zara.
3 Apr 2015

Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Hot Berry

My goodness me. I am wearing a bright and loving it! (Insert many heart emojis!)