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6 Apr 2015

Out and About #3

I've been out. I've been about. And it's been a while since I did one of these posts so here's my top 3 most memorable moments from the last few weeks. Roger that!

Brunch at Roberto's

Roberto's is something of an Italian institution. Located in DIFC it is synonymous with great food, upscale pricing and sophistication. I have wanted to go here for a long time but somehow never had an occasion worth justifying the investment. The new brunch menu, priced from the 300 AED range (depending on drinks consumed) makes the whole experience slightly easier for the wallet to digest.

Now when you imagine brunch you might picture a raucous booze-laden experience, packed full of Europeans imbibing like there's no tomorrow. Although there are plenty of places where you can experience that, Roberto's is totally different. Everyone at the table collectively agreed that this is the most leisurely, relaxed and enjoyable brunch that we had been on. This is all about the food.

It starts with a seafood platter (I tried a morsel of lobster but that's all the raw fish I can stomach), moves on to a selection of meat and vegetarian antipasti. Once that has been consumed it's time for the a la carte portion of the menu with a pasta plate, the meat course and then, dessert.

It's ALOT of food but it is carefully paced by the wait staff. They give you little breathers between courses which is nice because you don't feel rushed but note that this also extends the brunch to a marathon 4 hour+ session, making your Friday a total write off.

Black pepper? :o


  • Don't be put off by the sound of Ferrari sparkling wine - as naff as it sounds it's actually very nice and dangerously easy to consume. 

Coffee at Mokha1450

I really like coffee. I like it so much that during the preview evening for this new little spot on Al Wasl Road I consumed about 7 strong shots. Needless to say I had a very erratic sleep that night packed full of fast-moving dreams.

Mokha 1450 - named after the port in Yemen that first began exporting beans and therefore kickstarted the whole coffee culture that we know today - opens in mid-April and provides an experience a world away from from mainstream coffee shops.

Look I like a double shot cappuccino from the green Medusa every now and then but this place is serving up specialty coffee and the difference in the taste is incomparable. The commercial logistics set it apart further - Mokha 1450 aims to help the farmers gain a more beneficial share in the profits of coffee bean sales and they actively support farms in Yemen and Ethiopia.

Going here made me a little wistful for two speciality coffee shops back home - Wellington Coffee in Edinburgh and the Workhouse in Reading. If you are located near either pop in, order a drink and then tell me what you think about how the coffee tastes :)

  • Order the Ethiopian Geisha blend - they have the world's first batch. 

Tom Ford Lips and Boys launch

The Middle East is the last invite to the Lips and Boys party. While other markets have seen these diddy lipsticks completely sell out, round here they have only just arrived. 

I went to a schnazzy event last week, wearing Olivier (AKA Violet Fatale) over the Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Hot Berry (new favourite combo) and along with some male model posing I was able to select three new colours. 

I got a little overwhelmed - and it wasn't the Champagne that confused me either as Simone and I were the very first people to arrive and got down to the serious business of lipstick selection as soon as we entered the venue. 

I am happy with my choices - Giacomo (a gorgeous pink-plum hybrid), Leonardo (a rich deep reddened berry) and Wes (a scary burgundy red that I am very excited about). I still pine for Didier and I feel like a nude should be added but I need another lipstick like I need….

  • These are on sale at Bloomingdales/Dubai Mall now and after 22 April, all other Tom Ford counters. 

My next post is one that I mentioned I would do on Facebook - my "Expat in Dubai" FAQ.

It's been interesting to see the questions that have come in. I feel like there is perhaps a perception that Dubai = Middle East = very difficult/different place to live. Although this is a country that rests in the region, psychologically it could be any Western city. It's a very cosmopolitan and in many respects, a very easy place to live. Unless you have been here I think it's hard to imagine.  I'll tell you more about it tomorrow but as I said, any questions that you have do let me know in the comments!


  1. OK so I've just eaten loads of chocolate and a massive burger yet I'm still dribbling over the food in this post, everything look amazing! xx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

    1. haha your dinner sounds a lot better than mine :) x

  2. it's clear the best thing about Dubai is the food!!! <3

  3. I've just had dominos....I now feel like a heffa! I want to have just eaten that wonderful little selection of things from Robertos!
    So, my first question is going to be, have you ever got into trouble for accidentally wearing something inappropriate in Dubai? And my second, more mumsy question is going to be, what's the crime rate like out there?

    Lis x

  4. I work just along the street from Wellingtons and you're right - best coffee ever! And they do amazing cheese and bacon scones. Xx

  5. I work just along the street from Wellingtons and you're right - best coffee ever! And they do amazing cheese and bacon scones. Xx

  6. the tom ford lipsticks look lovely, definitely more hungry after reading this post !

    Distant Dreamer

  7. Well, this post has made me rather hungry. Need to purchase a TF lipstick as distraction I reckon!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. That brunch looks absolutely divine! I'm not huge on seafood but the spread in the very first photo - wow, I could eat all of it :) I'm also a huge coffee fan, usually had black. Oddly enough I've never had one a coffee with a pretty design on the top, and I feel like I'm missing out on something.

    Part of me (not my bank account) is sad that I missed out on the TF Lips and Boys - I really wanted to check out Stavros for some reason. It just appealed to me! Love the ones you picked, they're gorgeous!

    xo Chloe

  9. What does the social life like in Dubai among expats? Are the social groups usually diverse because people all come from different countries or are they tend to be even more separated, i.e. americans hang out w/ americans, asians w/ asians.etc? Is it easy to meet new friends as a new expat? Thanks, Laura!!

  10. Can't wait for tomorrow's post as tomorrow marks my 10 years in Dubai!! Some of the questions did make me chuckle on facebook!! I am actually having lunch at Robertos tomorrow for the first time, looking forward to it xxx

  11. It's 9:43 am and you've got me craving Lobster :P

  12. I adore trying new coffee shops, that coffee looks amazing!

    Emily x

  13. That food at Roberto's looked amazing! Quite the splurge though.


  14. I need that dessert like ... now. Gorgeous pictures.

    So far I stayed clear of Tom Fords Boys, as I have all the colors I need for spring/summer (*insert historical laugh*), but maybe I could do with a nice burgundy? Fall will come again.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  15. Hi Laura! I'm visiting Dubai in September for my honeymoon and was wondering if you could recommend a few good places for Friday brunch please? I'm staying on the palm, so anywhere round there would be great with a good atmosphere! Thanks x

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