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24 May 2015

..and part 2

One blitz in Space NK and one MAC online order later and here we find ourselves at the UK haul part 2. It's been a few days since the damage was done so I have had a little bit of time to form an opinion. Here goes...

MAC Eyes on MAC palettes in Amber and Burgundy 

A word to the wise: do not read expatmakeupaddict's blog when feeling weak - it will only end in an online order. This is what happened to me when I read her review of the Eyes on MAC palettes. I thought:

a) Oooh pretty
b) What a good idea! So ideal for travelling/life!
c) They would make the perfect gift - so I must buy some for others and some for me :)

Upon receiving the order I would say that they are a jolly good idea indeed. These are the kind of eyeshadows I should be buying because the wee pan size actually has a chance at being enjoyed and used up.

Amber (pictured right) is, however, not what I expected. It is more earth toned and not as warm as I have pictured it in my head. That's not to say I don't like it - those bland-o-rama beige shades are life.

A more balanced palette is Burgundy. This has a well thought out mix of warm and cool shades and has a stronger visual "pop". It's just beautiful.

The only snag is that you may already own quite a few of the shades already: Honey Lust/Quarry/Antiqued/Star Violet/Haux/Embark and Sketch. That didn't stop me but the non-hoarders amongst you may be more sensible and not see the point of duplication.

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Foundation

Right I haven't made up my mind about this. It's a new release (in the UK) for MAC and supposedly provides 24-hour wear in a weightless, waterproof, highly blendable formula that can work as either foundation and/or concealer.

I bought NC25 and I have worn it 5 times.

NC25 is very pale yellow and it scares me when it goes on but in it's favour is the blendability and the fact that at first, it doesn't look heavy. My issue with this foundation though is how it wears. It's a semi-matte finish and it almost seems to make my skin look drier as the day goes on, pooling in the pores and making it blindingly obvious that my face is covered in slap. At this point I feel highly self-conscious and want to reach for the makeup remover.

I think I will give it a whirl tomorrow with a pore-filling primer and see if that makes any difference! The fact that I don't immediately love it does however not bode well.

Sunday Riley "Luna"

I was fully intending NOT to buy much else but I stumbled across a Space NK in Victoria - when did that appear? - when I was on my way to catch my train and I felt like it was divine intervention ordering me to pick up the one product I had been been seriously lemming.

Luna sounds like marvellous. It claims to pretty much do it all - reduce pore size, improve the appearances of pigmentation and help fight wrinkles.

I was particularly interested in these because of the advanced retinol complex that it claims to have. Retinol and night oils seem like an unusual combination.

It is blue - so when you apply it there is a Smurf Factor to content with. This however quickly dissipates to leave you with a shiny, oily face until morning.

I have only used it three times but I am convinced that it has done "something". Every morning I rush to the mirror to see if there has been a dramatic transformation overnight. I may be imagining things but my skin is far clearer and more even.

Although Good Genes and Luna are different products I feel like Luna is better value for money (Good Genes looks like one of those products that will be all too quickly consumed) and whether true or not, makes a bigger (more positive) impact.

NARS Dual Intensity Blush in Frenzy and Fervour

You're going to be shocked but when these were first presented to us on social media I dismissively declared myself "not interested". I didn't like the concept - not being a major fan of that whole dual intensity texture that I have experienced in the eyeshadow version - and the colour combinations were a tad ugly, with shades seemingly lacking co-ordination.

And then I saw them in real life and got all weak in the knees.

I got two - Frenzy (the tangerine orange with a light pink champagne highlighter) and Fervour (light soft pink and deep copper rose) and I have officially changed my stance to "interested"…

I do find these a little difficult to control/work with though. It doesn't help that should you wish to target a specific blush shade you have to snake your brush vertically, in an awkward action, to pick up the product. Then there's the fact that although you can use these wet or dry - the former being preferable if you want any colour delivered - a damp brush often results in an overload of pigmentation.

I'm still playing around with them so I guess that's all I can say right now but apart from that highlighter shade, all of the others are well worth the struggle each morning :)

Le sigh

I'm a little sad that this is the last of the UK shopping confession posts - because it means that the holiday is over and I am back in Dubai.

When I first landed in Heathrow last week I experienced reverse culture shock. I hadn't been back for a year so it take a while to adapt to how small everything seemed, how green the landscape was and just how different it was to the beige world I have been living in. A few days later I had fully acclimatised and now that I have landed back in the land of 40 degree celsius heat, it's the opposite - now I am longing for those cool climates. Yes, I think it's true to say that I am a little homesick for my home country. As a result please send cuddles, love and Cadbury Crunchie Mini ice creams cones which if you haven't tried you must - and when you do, have one for me! :) 


  1. It seems I always have things to add to my wishlist after reading your blog, Laura... Such an enabler! Sunday Riley is a brand I'm SO curious about - and doesn't exist in-store here in Canada, so blind online orders are all I have. Off to Sephora.com I go...

    xo Chloe

    1. I have been looking at it for ages but didn't want to order online, especially as so many people complain about the smell of Good Genes! Turns out its not that bad and I don't regret the spends….Luna is however a great product: I can feel it already!

  2. Thank you for the hint, I won't reading this blog ;) But I read your blog ... and want now at least the palettes, too ;) Thank you nevertheless for sharing!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

    1. The palettes are beauts! :) I definitely recommend picking up at least one - if not for yourself then they make a great gift.

  3. I freaking miss the UK and it's not even my home country! I just love it so much! 😍 <3

    I'm currently loving my night time routine but I'm very interested in that Sunday Riley oil. Have you tried anything by Antipodes? I love their Avocado night cream and their Apostle serum, so much I have repurchased them. I see a difference when I use them! But that oil looks promising, Luna means moon in Spanish :)

  4. I went into MAC intending to buy the Pro-long concealer but the MUA insisted I try their new foundation as a concealer and I'm really not liking it. I agree it's so drying and for me it accentuates everything and makes me look as if I'm 10 years older. Someday I'll learn to stick to my "shopping list" haha.


  5. Thanks for the tip about the ice creams. I'm visiting the UK right now also after 5 years away and I agree everything seems so different! It was a shock for me when I went to the Birmingham Bullring and shops had closed down, new ones opened, and I felt a bit lonely seeing the changes (I went by myself with my son).

  6. That MAC Burgundy palette has me seriously excited! It's all of the colors that I usually gravitate towards. So tempting...

    She Likes to Shop

  7. The MAC palettes are to die for! The colours are gorgeous!


  8. You've made me want to place a huge order now aha! I've had my eye on that burgundy palette for a while now x


  9. I pretty much can't read Stacey's blog at all, my bank account just doesn't agree. But everyone needs that palette in their lives, just human rights!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. :::))))) Lol Belle, Human Rights indeedy xx

  10. I actually really want that 'boring' beige MAC palette - it looks like it has the perfect everyday shades for me! Such a shame about the new MAC foundation. I'll admit, I've never been a huge fan of MAC foundations as they seem to sit a bit weirdly on my face, which is a shame because it works wonders for some people (maybe it's the fact that my skin tends to be on the dry side?).


  11. Those MAC palettes are beautiful! Luna is ah-maz-ing. I also use Good Genes, and I get that they do two different things, but I get a more dramatic result from Luna x

    \The Beauty Bloss

  12. I came across a few of the Sunday Riley oils at Sephora the other day and as much as I wanted to try them I can't handle the smell. One smelled like putrefying roses...like a bouquet way past its prime. The idea was nice though. :)

  13. the mac eye shadow palettes are simply stunning! would need to save a lot first though haha x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  14. Those blushes are seriously stunning. And what is the scent of the Luna oil like? Great haul :) xx

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  15. Thank you for the mention!!!

    Luna is totally on top of my wishlist-am hoping to get it in the States next month. I did try to get my bestie to bring me one from the UK last month but Space NK was sold out online so I couldn't get it to her in time. I am going through Good Genes so quickly! I know you didn't like ANR so much either like me so I am guessing we may have similar skin types especially if you are liking Good Genes.

    Disappointing about the MAC foundation-but having said that the original Pro Longwear is the only one I like-nothing else from MAC sits well on my skin. I had been tempted to pick this up though.

    I bet R and R are so happy to have you home!! xx

  16. I saw those palettes in MAC the other day- was very tempted but I bought one of their pre made 15 pan eyeshadow palettes and the quality was so naff and not up to usual standard of MAC eyeshadows... I can however wholeheartedly recommend the Maybelline Nude palettes- some of the lighter colours have a bit of clunky glitter but once you get past that the darker shades are beaut! x

  17. I really, really want to try Luna, but I plan on having another baby soon, so I won't be able to use it, and it would just be a waste of money, so...*sigh*

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  18. I love Sunday Riley as a brand, their products are amazing!
    And new MAC foundation is fast becoming my holy grail!

  19. Oh man those mac shadows are hard to resist.

  20. The new MAC palettes look seriously beautiful! Perfect for travelling! Love those NARS duos too!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  21. Oh those eye shadows are gorgeous!! :)


  22. I'm trying not to buying a ton of makeup and this isn't helping! (:

    Naomi | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  23. I really want to try sunday riley skincare-everyone seems to love it. And the brown mac palette seems to be made for me but I think I have to pass that one ,thanks to my student buget. Not that sunday riley stuff isn't expensive...

  24. I love my Good Genes. I think Luna may be next :-)

  25. Need just about everything in this haul! Love the amber MAC palette - although it's an odd name for a collection of essentially nude shades! Shame you didn't like the foundation - i'd been considering that one, but I have enough trouble with foundation making my pores look worse as it is! I ordered one of the Nars dual intensity blushes the other day - I got panic and now I'm thinking I need another...! Finally, thanks a bunch for confirming Luna is as good as everyone says it is, I'm not going to have to fork out for it! :)

    Gem x | www.flutterandsparkle.com

  26. I always love seeing your purchases. I need these MAC palettes in my life ASAP! I hope Luna is good for you, I tried the Good Genes and wasn't impressed!

    Gillian from Glam Up Everydayx

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