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26 Jul 2015

My go-to

In contrast to last summer, right now the thought of midi dresses and skirts is currently very off-putting. I just want to sort of slob out, dress down and be comfortable. Is this old age or laziness?
21 Jul 2015

The shirt dress

Simone returned from her holiday today. As she said in her Instagram post, it was a gruelling two weeks apart. We had coffee and then I put her to work taking outfit photos in sweaty weather. I am such a great friend.
18 Jul 2015

Becca Cosmetics "Champagne Pop" Highlighter

There has been a magical meeting. Becca and Jaclyn Hill have come together and triumphed in a production of Champagne Pop. This shimmering pressed powder is a soft gold with light pink undertones and is wearable for all.

But here's the question, do you need it?
14 Jul 2015

I'm off

Summer holiday wishlist
..on holiday that is.

The South of France has been booked and the holiday wardrobe planning has commenced. I have a whimsical fantasy of wearing chic little dresses, cute pairs of shorts and impractically large hats, all while I skip down rustic cobbled streets. Let's not think about the fact that Europe can be a tourist-packed sweat box with a distinct lack of air conditioning that will leave me dishevelled and bitchy. No let's focus on the important stuff. I hereby present to you my holiday wardrobe wish list.
11 Jul 2015

The Express Barcelona Cami

Within less than 24 hours of watching Michele1218's clothing haul video, I had already purchased, worn and experienced a compulsion to greedily haul more of the featured Express Barcelona Cami. If this isn't a case study in the power of social media as a trigger for shopping then I don't know what is…
7 Jul 2015


Today I wore jeans and a top.

Does anyone care? No, probably not.
5 Jul 2015

Statement Sunglasses

Quay Australia is to sunglasses what Triangl is to bikinis. The market may be over saturated with images of their products but you still want to indulge anyway. And indulge I did…
3 Jul 2015

Forever21 happened

Unplanned hauls are the best kind of hauls. Discuss.
1 Jul 2015

Work appropriate

Midi skirts are back on the agenda.

The midi skirt is my hero. Although it has a propensity to make me feel like a middle-aged pleb, on the whole it makes me feel professional and is a go-to for work days.