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18 Jul 2015

Becca Cosmetics "Champagne Pop" Highlighter

There has been a magical meeting. Becca and Jaclyn Hill have come together and triumphed in a production of Champagne Pop. This shimmering pressed powder is a soft gold with light pink undertones and is wearable for all.

But here's the question, do you need it?

I have a thing for highlighters. It all started with Bourjois Diaphane Blanc, then graduated to Bobbi Brown Beige shimmer brick, since exploding into a sizeable collection. In buying each one the quest has been three fold:

  • To add dimension
  • To, dare I say it, make my chic-bones pop; and
  • To give that candlelit glow. 

After much product dabbling I have concluded that basically any highlighting powder on the market can do this for you. While the texture and degree of shimmer may vary from one to another they all can help you achieve what you are looking for. What makes a holy grail highlighter though comes down to two things in my book:

  • A low glitter factor; and
  • Tone

You see not all highlighters are manufactured equal. Some impart a very subtle effect that consumers may complain isn't impactful enough for the price (Kevyn Aucoin's is a prime example) and others give a very glittery shine that makes pores huge and make up tragic.

I had never tried any of Becca's powder highlighters and excuse my ignorance, but it was only when this was released that they apparently appeared on my radar. Now of course all I hear are people citing the likes of Moonstone as their holy grail route to a glow.

If Champagne Pop is an indication of the typical Shimmering Skin Perfector consistency then I can say this:

  • Cream-to-power like consistency - silky smooth on the brush and easy to blend on the skin.
  • Concentrated - highly pigmented. Unlike the likes of Kevyn Aucoin, you will see this on your skin straight away. 
  • Delicate - I have to admit that my Champagne Pop has actually shattered. I think this may be a result of the long journey from NY to Dubai and so a couple of inches drop on a table destabilised it completely. The texture of this is incredibly delicate and for that reason I would never travel with this in my bag.

Tone-wise, Champagne Pop is a warm toast shade. Initially I worried that it might be too warm - particularly as I am eschewing fake/real tan at the moment - but it actually translates softly. When I examine the colour there is a careful balance of soft gold and pink to keep the tones balanced and wearable for all.

(I'm sorry I look so smug - I was actually frustrated at my inability to take a decent selfie)

Will it enhance your pores? Of course it will - any highlighter will do that if you apply too much and in the wrong position on your skin.

Are there any dupes? Well there are two that immediately come to mind. What is not helpful however is that these are both limited edition / probably not available but long time make up lovers may have one of these hanging around their stash. I'm talking about Bobbi Brown Copper Sparkle shimmer brick and Dior Amber Diamond.

(L-R: Champagne Pop/Copper Sparkle/Amber Diamond)

It is the latter one that feels like the closest dupe - close but not quite the same. Still, Amber Diamond has a balance of warmth, light pink and white tones that when mixed together create a similar finish once translated on the skin.

(L-R: Champagne Pop/ Amber Diamond - clearly bored of swatching at this point :) 

So here's the question? Do you need it?

Well I definitely didn't. I have plenty of highlighters and once applied on the skin they seldom become distinguishable. It's not as if I couldn't walk around with Amber Diamond on my face and pretend it wasn't Champagne Pop - nobody would ever know.

However that being said if you have always wanted to delve into Becca highlighters this limited edition number is a great place to start. It is pretty on and I can't help but want to support such an immense collaboration by a great YouTuber. This is a quality product and even if you already have 100 highlighters, I won't judge you for picking up one of your own :)


  1. I actually only own one highlighter and one MAC Beauty Powder that works as a highlight for me. I somehow never got the whole highlight thing...

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. Such a great and honest review Laura! I have always wanted to give a Becca Highlighter a try and I am not sure whether to try Champagne Pop or give the classic Moonstone a try. They are all so beautiful and highlighters have to be one of my beauty weaknesses!

    Sophia Meola | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


    1. If you're lighter than NW 20 I would start with Moonstone, but swatch everything. :)

  3. I have this on the way! I had opal on my wishlist for yonks so when I saw that moonstone over opal pretty much makes this shade I figured I may as well go for the LE! I don't think I have anything similar either so I can justify the spend ;)

    Honey Go-Lightly

  4. This review was the itch I wanted to scratch 😉 Thankyou Thankyou. I have Dior Amber Diamond and love it so will stay true to it ☺️

  5. I'm a dark skin lady. I love it on people it is amazing, but I feel It won't be great on my skintone, because it's gonna be to "white-ish, pearl-ish". I really have to see this color in real life. Here in Montreal, we don't have Becca in our Sephora store, only online. I don't love to buy makeup online, to me it's a no-no. I'm going to the USA in 2-3 years I'm gonna check it out. I got the chance to go to Toronto and their Sephora do carry Becca. I get the color "topaz" and let me tell you I LOVE IT. :)

  6. I bought the copper one and want to exchange it (it was used once--too orange for me), but I think I will go for Moonstone. I already have Opal and Rose Gold. I am waiting for Becca to got for it and release a shade close to Platinum. Something similar to Chanel Camelia des Plumes Platine. Fingers crossed.

  7. Pretty! I only recently got Moonstone which is gorgeous and have to say, Becca Hightlighters are fragile! I haven't dropped mine but it already have a sizeable crack. Still a stunning highlight though x
    The Beauty Bloss

  8. Such a great review! Of course I don't need anymore highlighters but need is never the driving force haha.

    She Likes to Shop

  9. Wow this is one gorgeous highlighter!


  10. This is such a stunning product! I want a Becca highlighter so, so much. x


  11. I keep hearing about this highlighter but I personally don't wear them often (oily skin + highlighter = greasy mess!) No denying this is very pretty though!

    xo, alison*elle

  12. Yes!!!!! Been waiting for your review and SO relieved that Amber Diamond is a dupe - now I no longer have FOMO. Thank you Laura for buying all the makeup so that we don't have to LOL!

    MY BLOG: ♥♥♥ Ella Pretty ♥♥♥    

  13. this looks so gorgeous, both in the packaging and on your skin! x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  14. Everyone is raving about this! I do think it looks pretty on the cheeks, but I actually prefer the swatch of the Amber Diamond!

    Kat | www.kathorrocks.com

  15. Great review!! - I've wanted to try one of the Becca highlighters for a while now and this has only made me want to do so more x


  16. This looks so pretty! Great review :)

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  17. This looks really nice. I just wish I had the skin for highlighters but after an hour of wear, highlighters end up looking ridiculous on me.

    Raise The Waves

  18. I love the Becca powder in Opal and have Moonstone in the cream version... and just ordered this! I'm excited, of course they aren't going to be that different once on the skin but to a discerning eye it matters :) Hoping that this really "pops" on me!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  19. Love the colour!!


  20. I love anything and everything champagne. #mustbuynow

  21. I love Becca products. I have their blotting powder and their highlighter in Moonstone but the liquid form and it's a travel size which is perfect incase I get bored. I highly recommend the liquid version and it's less prone to breaking! I keep the blotting powder with me in the zipper pouch it comes in even when it's in my purse but it doesn't seem the blotting powder is as delicate as the highligther.

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