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3 Jul 2015

Forever21 happened

Unplanned hauls are the best kind of hauls. Discuss.

I marched into Forever21 this morning, grabbed a load of summer black clothes and spotted this striped T-shirt dress just as I entered the changing rooms. A flash of doubt went through my mind when I remembered that I already own a similar dress from ASOS but what swung this was that it was a lighter fabric. I tried it on, was wowed that the Small fitted, and promptly decided that I did indeed need two striped dresses in my life.

I also managed to pick up a sack like dress for days when I want to be a slob/dog walking and a white dress for days when I want to get acres of thigh out.

The whole trying on experience was SnapChatted. For those of you still reticent to get on board with SnapChat I want to say that you need to get over this. The "thing" that turned me onto it is when I saw others using it as a way of vlogging their day in a very casual way. There is something very "early YouTube" about it and I hope that scheming marketers don't ruin it too much in the next few months. Anyway, sales pitch over!

Dress: Forever 21 - Link!
Hat: Forever21 - Link!
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Celine
Sunglasses: Bailey Nelson "Mim" - Link!

Thank you to my nephew George for the photo. He has been staying with us all week on "work experience". Inverted commas. 

On a cheesy note, you will notice that I am smiling - full on gnasher baring.

Even after only 3 weeks of braces my teeth have moved to the point where I am no longer horrifically self-conscious. It's only now that I realise just how aware I was of my teeth and how it affected my confidence.

I have a lingual brace on the top (Incognito) and traditional train tracks on the bottom.

My speech has been impacted - mostly by the lingual brace - and I still can't eat hard food. This has made leading meetings a little tricky and eating a little limited. It is however, all totally worth it. If you are thinking about getting orthodontic treatment I would whole-heartedly recommend it.

I hope you have a great Friday. I am about to head out for dinner so I will catch up with you tomorrow! 


  1. I love this outfit, I agree you definitely need this dress in your life, love the hat too!

  2. You have such a pretty smile, you should have started this treatment way earlier if it affected you personally that much! Plus, great outfit. x Mila https://matchlessmila.wordpress.com/

  3. I whole heartedly agree with this outfit! :) have a lovely evening. Your teeth look fab! :) x

  4. You look absolutely beach ready and in full on summer mode. Lovely!

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  5. I love how simple this outfit is yet it looks awesome. So many unplanned hauls have ended in some of my best staples!! Have an awesome weekend xx

  6. I am loving this outfit!!
    Must go to Forever 21 soon ... :)

  7. Love this dress, Laura! And glad you're getting used to your braces. I had them in highschool and thankfully they were a rite of growing up because I am so happy with my teeth now.

    xo, alison*elle

  8. completely agree with you on how having good teeth impacts your confidence - i think the first time i ever felt pretty was when my train track braces were taken off! loving that striped dress, i'm gonna have to see if i can grab one next time i'm in forever 21 x
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.

  9. Always stunning

    Greetings from Abu Dhabi, UAE

  10. What a pretty T-shirt dress. Lovely outfit. :)


  11. What a pretty T-shirt dress. Lovely outfit. :)


  12. You can't go wrong with a stripy dress-loving F21 at the moment, You should smile away, fab set of gnashes!!!!

  13. Love the dress. And unplanned shopping. I'm still yet to go down the snapchat path....
    The Beauty Bloss

  14. PS - just found you on snapchat - yay!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  15. Such a cute, laidback outfit!


  16. This looks like an incredibly comfy dress! Loving stripey anything and everything this year!

    She Likes to Shop

  17. Loving that dress! Loving it even more because its from forever 21. So simple and perfect for summer.


  18. So glad you are on SnapChat, its like Lollipop26 is back! :)

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