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1 Jul 2015

Work appropriate

Midi skirts are back on the agenda.

The midi skirt is my hero. Although it has a propensity to make me feel like a middle-aged pleb, on the whole it makes me feel professional and is a go-to for work days.

My current favourites are both from Reiss. These have survived my clearing out cull.

The white skirt, with laser cut detail, was a Middle East exclusive. It's a shame this is not available anywhere else because shape wise it's probably the most flattering midi I have ever owned. It fits closely at the waist and hips and has just enough flare at the bottom.

Skirt: Reiss - similar Link!
Top: Mango
Bag: Sophie Hulme - Link!
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Sunglasses: Bailey Nelson - Link!
Necklace: Forever21 - Link! (pretty obsessed with this right now and Forever21 have loads of amazing ones)

Sadly, the green skirt doesn't have the same flattering properties. It requires serious Spanx action to hide the cellulite but the shape and length are the redeeming qualities. Add white top and heels and I feel work meeting ready.

Skirt: Reiss (old)
Top: good old New Look
Bag: Sophie Hulme - Link!
Shoes: Stella McCartney (a decade old! Does this make them vintage? :)
Sunglasses: Celine - Link!

I think the next addition to the work wardrobe will be this dress from ASOS - Link! - perfect colour, shape and length.

I was cleaning out my photo album this week and when I looked back at what I wore last year I noticed that I definitely went for short hem lines. I don't think this change is a result of a fashion thing - I think this is an acute awareness that I no longer own good knees thing. Thank God midis are in existence! :) 


  1. love this look!


  2. Ooo I love it on you but I have never gotten along with skirts! Except in school may be lol! Somehow make me look a foot shorter and a meter wider! :-|


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  4. I absolutely love both outfits but I do have to say the first one is absolute perfection! That skirt is stunning on you! Quite partial to your "vintage" (my god if 10 year old things are now vintage, I am toast) Stella McCartney pumps. Gorgeous.
    (apologies for the double-comment - I had a horrific spelling error in my original that I just could not leave on the Internet!)


  5. The white skirt really looks amazing on you and I love the Forever21 necklace!


  6. To be honest, I think the second skirt is actually prettier than the first one.. I really like the fit, plus the entire outfit looks so effortless yet very sophisticated!
    x Mila https://matchlessmila.wordpress.com/

  7. ooh these looks are stunning, i've had my eye on a black pu leather midi skirt for a while but i was worried that it'd drown me - but you pull these off so well!
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.

  8. You are totally rocking the midi skirts, Laura! Also I love this darker hair on you -- looks so good.

    xo, alison*elle

  9. Wow what an awesome handbag. Midi skirts don't look right on me but they looks stunning on you! :)


  10. Wow what an awesome handbag. Midi skirts don't look right on me but they looks stunning on you! :)


  11. the mini skirt!! I bought one last year (as a result of your persuasion hehehe).... but my body shape did not like it! I look like a character from harry potter! hahaha i guess my high waist will always be an issue but you give justice to these skirts :) love the Mango top! xx


  12. Well, yes, very good match, a kind of Mature attractive, athletic, I love it! www.hilady.com

  13. You totally just inspired my work outfit tomorrow. Thank You! :)

  14. I have been loving midi skirts as well. That's a pity about the green skirt but it still looks amazing on you. I have been eyeing the same ASOS dress too! x


  15. Love this look. The dress looks perfectly fine on you. :) I love the white color <3

  16. You look so elegant Laura :) I am still trying to kid myself that I have good knees....I don't! :(

    I love midi skirts so much and get so jealous when I see you and Laura C looking so damn good in them but whenever I try them on my arse just makes them look so awful on me :( boo!

    Lis x

  17. You no longer have good knees? What happened to them? You really look very elegant, like a brunette Grace Kelly.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  18. beautiful! love those sunglasses! xx. gigi. www.gigikkitchen.com

  19. So elegant and classy Laura :)

  20. Very nice work wear! xx


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  22. Beautiful, elegant outfit. x


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