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30 Aug 2015

Urban Decay "Riff"

Okay, I will admit it.

I am very motivated by hype. I love it when the blogosphere comes together and enthusiastically buys up an entire brand's stock of a product. And when the hype is instigated by someone's genuine and actual love for the item, then it's all the more powerful.

The most recent example of this is Urban Decay's Riff.
22 Aug 2015

Chit chat

How have you all been?

It feels like ages since I have been here. I got back from holiday and was promptly thrown back into the thick of it with work. The next 6 weeks are going to be hectic but I will try and balance it by escaping here whenever I can for a taste of frivolity. This is the whole reason I have a blog. As much as I like using my brain for a portion of the day, its equally lovely to talk shit about all the things in life that are pretty meaningless.

With that in mind here are some musings currently circulating in my head:
10 Aug 2015

The Victoriana Dress

Sidenote: I mainly chose this photo because my hair looked MAHOOSIVE.

Hello from Monaco!