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28 Dec 2015

Outfits of the week #2

Whoops! There's been a bit of a lapse between the last post and this one but let's just not talk about it!

Just three outfits? Either my weeks are getting shorter or I am failing at taking photos.

In truth it's a combination of the two - this week hasn't been especially structured, with days spent either in jeans or, in the case of yesterday, in jim jams. There was one other outfit I did take a photo of but I looked so dour and depressed that I just couldn't face putting it up! :)

Here we go...
17 Dec 2015

Outfits of the week #1

Here's the thing about outfit photos - taking them can be a complex process.

You need the right location, lens and light - not to mention a photographer willing to take endless shots until you deem them "acceptable".

With all these dependencies it's tempting to just sack it off and not bother.

I've decided then to try and capture the outfit photo in a way that removes all the stress. No fancy locations - just me, outside my house, at some point during the day, most likely wearing Zara.

Although this week was a fail - in that I missed a day when I had to go to a client's office and therefore couldn't snap the outfit in daylight - on the whole it has been a successful revelation. It's just a simple shot - 1, 2, 3 done - and doesn't take up more than 1 minute of my day. I hope this is okay with you!
14 Dec 2015

Very FAQ!

There are certain questions that continually crop up and in some cases they are continually ignored and never fully addressed. It’s not that I have anything to hide but there is an admitted reluctance to fill the world in on every part of my life. The culture of oversharing that pervades this community is something that scares me a little. However, that said, so many of you have been loyal followers for eons and I don’t mind filling you in. My only concern at this point is that with everything laid bare you will rapidly realize how boring I really am.
13 Dec 2015

The Eylure 100 Lash

You know the drill. I hoard eyelashes. I rip open a new pair cut them in half and wear them on the outer part of my eyes every single day. To be clear, I feel like a minger without them.
12 Dec 2015

The Holiday Recap

How is it even possible that a couple of days after returning from a holiday, it starts to become just a distant memory?
5 Dec 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills - So Hollywood Illuminator

EDIT: A change from scheduled proceedings – the FAQ post will have to wait until I get home as I want to include a picture from my wedding (as that’s one of the most commonly asked questions) and I don’t have that on my laptop. Sorry about that!

It was not my finest moment. 

There I was in Sephora/Mall of the Emirates, getting close and personal with the Anastasia Beverly Hills illuminators when one of them decided to slip from my hand and land on the floor. It was not a pretty sight and as I crouched down to scoop up the product and place it back in the pan I hoped that nobody could see the devastation caused. Thankfully the Sephora staff adopted their usual attitude to customer service and couldn’t have been less interested, preferring to preen themselves in the mirrors of the brand stands. I got away without a comment and it was perhaps out of guilt that I ended up buying a highlighter.
4 Dec 2015

Hello from Zanzibar!

I haven’t chosen a great time to commit to a blogpost every day because:

  • I am on holiday for the next few days but more specifically,
  • I am in Zanzibar, a beautiful island on the east coast of Africa that is known for many things but fibre-optic speed Internet connections is definitely not one of them. 

Still, the image upload speeds are giving me nostalgic memories of the dial-up days and with scenes like this, it really is the only thing to worry about.

Welcome to Zanzibar.
3 Dec 2015

Money well splurged?

You know what I love about Christmas time?

2 Dec 2015

Concealer or polyfilla?

FYI to any make up brand in the universe: market your product with words like "full coverage" or "camouflage" and I will most likely buy it. No foundation or powder can be too heavy and in fact, the more extreme the effect, the more excited I am to try it.

Nowhere is this adage more true than when applied to concealers. I want a product that disguises texture, hides spots from view and, when slapped on under the eyes, makes me look like an airbrushed supreme version of myself.

Fulfilling such a brief is a challenge and I have typically looked to the full coverage section of the market to meet my needs, with the odd corrector added in for good measure. These products are thick, fill in lines like polyfilla and laugh in the face of the natural look. I have no problem looking plastic.

I'll give you a run down of the ones I have been using most recently but be warned, this post is not all sunshine and lollipops. I'd say 3 out of 4 I wouldn't repurchase again and I wouldn't tell my friends to invest in either. I'm definitely still on the mission for the perfect concealer and although the answer is more likely to be a time machine that can rewind 20 years off my face, I'll pretend that I can buy it in Sephora :)
1 Dec 2015

Lip stain love!

Triggered by a night out wearing Kat von D "Bauhaus",  I have temporarily dismissed my glossy creams and am plumping for matte statement lips. It's official - I am in the midst of lip stain addiction.

To further prove this, in the last week I have bought a black/red, a brown nude, a purple and even a lilac. Today I bought three Colorpop shades - Clueless, Beeper and Limbo - as they are apparently the Kylie Lip Kit originals that she just licensed for her release. I'm really going cray over here.

Now within this haul period I also managed to grab a Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita...and well, it's been a bit of a revelation.