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3 Dec 2015

Money well splurged?

You know what I love about Christmas time?


 To be specific I love the little gift sets that cosmetic companies pump out in an attempt to lure money from our wallets. It’s a strategy that successfully works on me – just call it limited edition and wrap it pretty.

This is particularly the case when a brand is considered high-end.

Case in point for this is the Jo Malone Cologne Intense Collection: 5 little bottles of precious, each containing 9ml of cologne.

Now full disclosure time, I was sent this by the brand but this is EXACTLY the kind of gift concept that this time of year excels in. It’s beautifully presented and offers us plebs the opportunity to get hooked on a scent with a price tag that would ordinarily preclude us from experimentation.

This is ideal present material / self-gifting – a “one for you, one for me” scenario.

The 5 scents in this one are:

 * Tuberose Angelica - a straightforward tuberose fragrance that feels fresh and uplifting to wear. It does have a tendency to be overly simplistic and lack silage so may need to be combined to make a distinct impact.

* Amber and Patchouli – if you like Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb, you will absolutely adore this scent –  it’s warm and woody with a heavy masculine edge. I actually love these kinds of fragrances on both men and women alike.

* Dark Amber and Lily – warm and inviting, this works MAGICALLY combined with Amber and Patchouli. A ginger note gives this a freshness to stop it becoming overly woody and heavy.

* Oud and Bergamot – YEARS, I have wanted to try this for YEARS. It’s fresh cedar and vetiver with a smooth oud base.

And then there is…

* Velvet Rose and Oud – you know when you spray a perfume and fall in love with it?

Yeah that. That happened here.

I think that’s the beauty of these sets – try a few different fragrances and stumble across one that blows you away.

It’s only been a couple of days since I first tried this but I need the full-size / may also buy the candle and the body oil. It’s intoxicating – sweet upon opening but then melts into something more incense-laden.  Many people seem to have this as their “wedding perfume” and I can see why as it's headily romantic, although, side note, this also smells fantastic on men!

Now one snag on this otherwise amazing set….the price.


It’s £86 (give or take in other markets) which when you calculate value based on a ml basis, seems like poor value for money. I guess the way we look at it is that this is a set gives us an opportunity to try multiple products. It’s a limited offering and has been priced as such.

Yeah I know it sucks a bit and it’s easy for me to say having received this as a freebie but if you gift this to someone and they discover a holy grail fragrance then I think it has to be considered money well splurged.

PS. Thank you all for the blogmas support! I have had a couple of people ask me if I will take content requests. Yeah, I guess so! If there is anything that you would particularly enjoy a waffle about do let me know!


  1. I love Jo Malone, it is pricey but if I opened that on Christmas say I would be so so happy!!

  2. I think this would be a precious gift for persons we love :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. This would make a fabulous gift... my favourite part of the holiday season is checking out all the cute gift sets companies come out with (and sometimes buying a few for myself too in the process!)

    xo, alison*elle

  4. Velvet Rose and Oud is my white whale as the Americans say. Last year, I literally chased a women down the gangway of an Air France flight to find out her fragrance. I may have even shoved one or two people in my desperation ;0 It's not easy to find in some markets. It's my 'one day...' scent...

    1. As crazy as that sounds, I can totally see that being me, chasing someone down to hear what fragrance they wear!

    2. Sometime you just MUST know what that fragrance is or be haunted by the memory of it, lol!

  5. love blogmas :) maybe do a post on

    what designer product (that you have in your own collection) do you think is worth the hype and what you don't think is worth the hype that it gets?

  6. I love all the gift sets at this time of year, although they're even better when you can get one in the sale! This is such a nice gift even if the price is a little bit steep.

    Caz | thisiscaz

  7. Ah love JM... Really want to get this! xx Siobhan

  8. I adore Jo Malone and have a couple of bottles in my collection. Now I really want to try Velvet Rose and Oud!

    I would love to see a blog post about yoru daily routines - less-so beauty, but more how you structure you day professionally and just in general (any morning rituals, productivity tools, etc).

  9. Jo Malone is just gorgeous!! :)


  10. Jo Malone is pricey but worth it in my opinion, I tend to prefer for the house, but I love how you can find more unique scents to wear.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  11. Any girl would love to receive a Jo Malone present at Christmas! Everything about the brand is just beautiful x

    Kirstie | Kirstie Pickering

  12. Blogmas, sound so fun. I would love a post gift ideas for secret santa at work. I need a little inspiration, completely baffled about what to get my secret santa.

  13. I sprayed Velvet Rose and Oud in August and I felt in love with in instantly. Didn't buy it on the spot. I kept thinking about it for months. Requested my husband to buy me a big bottle of that for my birthday in December. It's the first time in years since I actually requested something for my birthday (I just never wanted anything particularly). I wanted it that much.

  14. I sprayed Velvet Rose and Oud in August and I felt in love with in instantly. Didn't buy it on the spot. I kept thinking about it for months. Requested my husband to buy me a big bottle of that for my birthday in December. It's the first time in years since I actually requested something for my birthday (I just never wanted anything particularly). I wanted it that much.

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