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17 Apr 2016

Christening Sephora

If you have ever been to Battuta mall in Dubai you will know that there is not a lot going on down there. Sure there's a supermarket that keeps me stocked in eyelashes and a Forever 21 that offers a consistently decent stock but there's no Zara and no Sephora. From a retail perspective, this makes it pretty much dead to me.

This weekend though something momentous happened. Sephora opened. If that's not a cause for celebration I don't know what is. I christened the store with a mini haul and secured three hard to find things.

I was elated with this when I got home and I duly uploaded a pretty Instagram before I got stuck in and starting playing with the items. One day later and my feelings have decidedly cooled, with 2 of the 3 items currently sitting on very shaky ground. Here then are some very mixed first impressions...

The Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay blush palette

Okay, I'll open with some happy talk and say that apart from OC which is a bizarrely non-compliant shade that refuses to blend into the skin, this palette is marvellous.

Everyone has already said it - most recently Stacey with her excellent review - but the texture and pigmentation is top notch. You barely have to swipe your blush to pick up product and although at times a bit dusty, they are easy to work with.

* Cherry - reminds me of NARS Angelika and could look very "dolly" cheeks if not careful.
* Easy - NARS Sin but with a brighter cherry tone.
* Angel - a crisp golden highlighter shade that despite it's shimmery appearance refrains from giving you disco ball.
* Lo-Fi - a Tom Ford Gold Dust dupe. Although it lacks the golden shimmer that runs through Tom Ford the impact on the skin is just as warming and lifting.
* Hush - possibly my favourite apart from Lo-Fi and a warm tone for highlighter purposes.
* OC - bollocks. Weird peach/pink duo chrome that looks better in the pan than anywhere else.

You know what I thought when I used this today...I really should just sod it and get the eyeshadow palette because if it is anything like this then it's going to be a good idea!

What do we think?

The Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

These two newbies are numbers 8 and 9 respectively in my Everlasting liquid lipstick stash. I think the formula of this line is fantastic and although a touch (read VERY) drying they are a product to turn to if you need to guarantee a lip look to last through a long day/night.

(Noble on the left/Bow n Arrow on the right)

Noble was a shade that I had been angling for but was one that was often out of stock. After trying it a couple of time I have no bloody idea why. I think it looks horrendous and the formula is weak with a thin and streaky consistency. The finished look is akin to a peach pepto bismol.

When I was faffing around trying to get a semi-decent photo (I failed) I realised that nearly all the lighter matte lip stains that I have bought rarely translate well. I really think these are products that come to life in deeper tones and in such shades they are far more forgiving on the lips, neatly disguising lines and appearing smoother in consistency. Noble just looks like cack.

I would return this but then I have wondered if I could make use of it as a liner. This is what I do with  Anastasia Pure Hollywood and these nude stains work well for that purpose at least. Plop a lipstick or a gloss on top and you get a long lasting lip with an added dimension. If I'm looking on the bright side that is how I can utilise Noble.

Right so Bow 'n' Arrow. First of all I didn't think this was even sold here. There's no space for it in the display and it was only when I was nosing through drawers (I love doing that/helping myself)  that I spied two. *Happy excited dance*.

Now that the excitement has dissipated I will tell you that this is such a confusing colour. On some it looks brown, on others it looks mauve. I was hoping for the latter but I ended up with poop.

Now that I examine the photo of it I don't know if I hate it but it felt very grey and draining to wear in reality. I'm just disappointed it turned so muddy on me and I couldn't wait to get home and oil up the mouth to remove. As a dark brown-beige shade I thought it might be similar to Whirl or even Velvet Teddy but they are both far warmer - this is very cool/dead.

I have heard that its a great one to combine with products - even working it together with Noble or, as someone said to me on Snapchat, with a pink lipstick. Doing so no doubt creates balance and amps up the wearability. I will do what I am told and give that a go before I throw a complete strop.

I'm sorry I cannot recount my love for everything that I bought but sometimes products need a bit of work before that can happen. I have learned that quite a bit recently. I used to just write something off if I didn't love it right away but quite often it's my crap technique that has caused it to fail. Too Faced Born This Way,  MAC Vintage Selection paint pot and the Becca Ultimate Creme concealers are some recent examples of this.

Don't worry guys, I'll find a way with the Everlasting lipsticks. And if you want to help me by letting me know how you wear them then make sure you contribute below :)

Thank you for reading


  1. Great, honest post. Glad I didn't find Bow n Arrow now!

  2. The Gwen Stefani blush palette is next on my list. Buy the Gwen eyeshadow palette, you won't regret it! So much better than the Naked ones, blend better, less fall out and more mattes.

  3. Yikes might give this a wide berth for the time being. Do you have a link for the forever 21 top? 😳

  4. I'm pretty happy with my UD blush palette but totally agree with you on OC. I can't even figure out what I'm meant to use it for...is it a blush? It looks OK in the pan, but swatched, it's just very strange.
    The Beauty Bloss

    1. Hi Blanche

      I decided on me last night that OC looks a bit like when you apply fake tan and then it mixes with chlorine in the swimming pool and goes a bit green. Random I know but it pulls so weird on my skin!

      Laura, thank you so much for linking my blog! I am exactly the same as you, always whipping open drawers for a rummage around in Sephora much to the sales associates disgust!! :)))

  5. Great post dear :)


  6. Hi Laura! I love reading your blogpost and really appreciate your honesty. If you have to choose only 2 KVD everlasting, what colours would you pick? A big hug from Italy ❤️

  7. I've heard so much about the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks and so I've wanted to try a few shades out for quite a while now. It's always interesting to see what others really think about products that are raved about constantly so thank you for your honesty :) X


  8. I really need to get that Gwen Stefani blush palette. You know when you've wanted something for ages, and you just keep seeing it everywhere and wanting it more until it becomes an obsession?! Shame about the liquid lipsticks, but maybe working with them in a different way will be the answer. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  9. These look GORGEOUS - i definitely need to do a big Sephora order soon... it's all too tempting!
    Lucy xoxo

  10. That blush palette is gorgeous! You should get the eyeshadows... ;-)


  11. Lol. Apparently I got the poop bow n arrow color too. Fail.

  12. Go back now and snag the Gwen eyeshadow palette! It's awesome and fear of limited quantities had me going back for a second one!! The quality is great and it looks perfect even with my brunette hair and medium skin!

  13. This is so exciting!!

  14. I have ALWAYS struggled with Mac Vintage Selection too!!!! Where am I going wrong, Laura?!! xxx

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  16. I was chasing after Bow 'n' Arrow shade for ages, until I finally got it and it looks good on me. Or, at least, I want to think so :)
    Those lipsticks are definitely great and they wear so well.
    I absolutely adore your Laduree glass with the lipsticks in it.
    On the photo, on your hand, it looks like both shades would suit you well. However, I cant see how the Noble is looking on your lips and I will take your word for it to make sure I don't buy it :) And for the Bow 'n' Arrow - it looks very good on you with your dark hair. Its the hair shade what does it and makes it appear like a completely different shade on everyone. I have lighter hair and on me it looks different. Hhm, a chameleon shade. :)


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