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17 May 2016

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous Blush in Camellia

I have been a bad blogger. And no, I'm not just referring to my sporadic posting frequency. You see I was sent the full shebang from Becca Cosmetics - 6 of their Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous blushes. When they arrived it was a real moment. They sparkle sensationally in the pan and they all have an allure that makes a blush addict's heart race. Yet a few weeks on and whilst I have dabbled in a couple I have become stuck, reusing the same colour day in and day out.

People, say hello to Camellia.
15 May 2016

It's all about Limo-Scene

I need to be upfront about this. I cannot slyly pretend that using Limo-Scene as a pretty finishing coat is my wondrous idea. This has been 100% appropriated from Essie during an event I went to last month. 

It's now a few weeks later and I remain obsessed - so obsessed in fact that I actually bought my own bottle to have at home. If we keep in mind that I rarely/never paint my own nails (I've lived in Dubai way too long) then I think this speaks volumes about how meaningful this purchase is.